Eyebrook weekly report 6th September 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 6th September 2020

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A sunny flat calm to Monday got the fishing get off to a tricky start with the fish being put off with the bright sun. Mr D Turnell found a way to tempt the fish landing 11 fish using small buzzers in the main basin. With Tony Fox & A Smith landing 12 to the boat once again in the main basin, on a mix of dries and also washing lining nymphs on a midge tip. All Water season ticket holder Mark Hunt also landed 6 fish on a single yellow owl casting at moving fish, and commented how patience was required as the fish moved around in a large area feeding before coming across, he fly.

Similar conditions Tuesday with very light to no winds and bright sun, although, with a much cooler start to the morning with 8 degrees air temperature at 7am. Eyebook season ticket holder Roy Swinfield & Lindsey Bates landed 10 fish from the boat fishing around the main basin with a team of nymphs. Season ticket holder Simon landed 12 fish casting very small size 14 buzzers and small ginger quill wets at rising fish, Simon also landed a cracking 3lb 8oz rainbow which was returned.

Wednesday and the conditions are close to ideal. A gentle breeze and overcast. With our water temperatures now hitting 11 degrees, there is a defined difference in the trout’s feeding habits. Early in the morning the fish were rising all over the main basin area and into the open water areas. Early on, a few fish were tempted by dries in the surface. The strength of the wind increased slightly around about lunch time then steadily dropped to a level where a drifting boat could cover a lot of water comfortably. At this point the fish were no longer as prevalent in the surface. Anglers that noticed the change quickly adapted their approach and had results almost instantaneously. Nick Dunn was quick to notice this and made some adjustments and had 2 fish in 2 casts straight away. Nick and his boat partner for the day managed to hook and land over 20 fish to the boat fishing a midge tip with 2 diawl bachs, a buzzer and a sparkle booby. Most of the fish came to the nymphs, but a sparkle booby at this time of year can pick up bonus fish that are starting to feed on the fry.

Thursday, yet again another great forecast for getting out on the lake. Word has been spreading fast that the fish have switched on due to the cooler conditions. Chris Bobby and Leanne Frost popped back in before lunch time for a quick break and told me they had 15 to the boat in quick time out in open water drifts. They didn’t hang around long before venturing back out to enjoy the great sport out on the water. Mr D. Skins had a fantastic day getting well into double figures fishing washing line method with Crunchers, Diawl Bachs, Buzzers and Boobies. A. Tibbort and S. Bilsden had a fantastic day as well bringing double figures of fish to the boat each. Nick Dunn was out once again, this time guiding Mr Hives, as a beginner he managed to get in to double figures under Nicks watchful eye. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a lifelong passion for fly fishing for Mr Hives that we all know and understand.


Friday and the sport continues to be on form again with a lot of fish falling to Hoppers in the waves and a selection of buzzers and nymphs taking fish from all over the reservoir. The fishing is still more prolific from the boats, but a few anglers are picking up some fish along the banks. Martin Blakeston hosted Peter Gathercole for a few hours after he had finished his morning shift. Between them, they managed over 20 fish to the boat between them fishing CDC’s, suspender buzzers and a combination of orange and yellow owls.

Saturday was a very busy day, and almost every boat in the fleet was out. Yet again, the fish were falling to small buzzers or diawl bachs fished on a washing line method. D Purves and D Pozzi had an outstanding day with well in to double figures to the boat. Most of our anglers who had a lot of action were mostly drifting out in open water, fishing a washing line method with either a sparkle booby on the point of a foam daddy. Billy Bryson got in to double figures out in the main basin fishing a wet fly that he tied for fishing out in Canada. Obviously, the staff are intrigued and would love to see this little creation.

Now that we are at the end of the week, word has spread that Eyebrook is really coming into form and Sunday did not disappoint. A lot of our anglers managed to get well spread out across the lake and found good sport wherever they went. Those fishing from drifting boats definitely capitalised on the sport from the hard feeding fish by fishing FAB’s with olive crunchers, washing line style. The orange daddies have been accounting for a good number of fish as well. Nymphs and buzzers are working extremely well at this time of year, especially smaller sizes, some folks have had fantastic sport on size 14’s and 16’s.

This time of the year is fantastic for the fiery brown hopper and the claret hopper. Try twiddling these flies back behind a foam daddy or an orange FAB. Towards the end of the month, the fish will more than likely start chasing fry. Don’t be afraid to drag some boobies/ muddlers through the surface to entice the chase. This time of year can have some very exciting things happening on the water.

Given the success of daddies for the past few weeks, fishery staff have put together a bespoke collection of the most successful daddy patterns. These cost £13.50 ( a 10%saving) and are available either direct from the lodge or on line at https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/eyebrook-daddy-selection/

Keep an eye out for up and coming fly selections in the future.

Rod average for the week: 4.3

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