Our Fisheries – Eyebrook – Draycote – Thornton

Our Fisheries: 

Thornton Reservoir – Leicestershire,  Draycote Water – Warwickshire,  Eyebrook Reservoir Leicestershire-Rutland

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We manage the three fisheries within the group, all offer fly fishing for trout with fly fishing for pike also allowed at the Eyebrook.

Thornton 75 acre fly fishing for trout, Tel 01530 230807, Fly fishing season is February to November. Limited bank fishing we advise you to bring waders, and it’s a 15-minute walk to the available bank fishing. 

The fishery is open from 7.30am from February through to 30th November with boats available from 8.30am

Most of the fishing takes place from the rowing boats & float tubes. Booking is advisable, for 2021 we will have limited electric engines for hire we recommend you book these. Boats are supplied with oars, anchors & life jackets.

A picturesque reservoir built in 1853, relatively shallow compared to other midland stillwaters with its deepest water at 30ft found in front of the dam.  The shallows of the Thornton arm opposite the lodge gown past the wood bank to the Lonesome pine are the favorite early season areas. During the season trout feed on bloodworm, buzzer, damsel, sedges, crane fly, caenis & fry.

Thornton has a small lodge onsite selling fly fishing tackle, hot & cold drinks & snacks.

Tuition is offered call the lodge 01530230807 or visit our tuition & guiding website for details www.flyfishtuition.co.uk

Draycote Water 640acre, Tel 01788 812018, trout fishery www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk offering excellent fly fishing for trout from its banks & fleet of 32boats & wheely boat from March to 30th November. Stocked with over 30,000+ trout each year in the 2lb range, Draycote grows on trout extremely well due to its abundant buzzer, shrimp & fry. Each year we see good numbers of grown on trout exceeding 6lb+ with some grown on trout to 10lb+ a real possibility.

Draycote fishing lodge has a large well stocked tackle shop & online shop www.flyfishstore.co.uk with SAGE, RIO, Airflo, Fulling Mill, VISION, Wychwood, Redington some of the main brands stocked. 

Draycote has a range of SAGE, VISION demo rods for you to take out and try along with a large selection of RIO Fly lines loaded onto fly reels for you to also take out and try, which makes it easier to find the right fly line that works for you!

Draycote also offers guiding & tuition, all our guides work full time at our fisheries, further details call our guiding and tuition manager Tom Bird 01788 812018 or visit our tuition & guiding website www.flyfishtuition.co.uk

Draycote is a popular midland fishery for day permit anglers & competitive anglers each year hosting a number of fly fishing competitions.

Eyebrook Reservoir 400 acre fly fishery, Tel 01536 770264, fishing for rainbows caught to 12lb, resident brown trout caught to 17lb, fly fishing for pike caught to 38lb & fly caught perch to 3lb+ www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk

The Eyebrook is located on the private Eyebrook estate, with no other water sports or the general public allowed on the estate. Fly fishing due to Eyebrook Estate SSSI status for overwintering birds is restricted from early March to 31st October. Fly fishing is allowed from the bank and its fleet of 26 boats & 2 wheely boats & from float tubes. The private estate ensures you only share your days fishing with other anglers and the abundant wildlife.

Eyebrook with its seclusion, beautiful countryside, wildlife you’ll share your day with ospreys & red kites and its association to the famous “Dambusters Raid”,  is the perfect location for a team building, group or corporate day. Days can be planned around your requirements email lodge@flyfisheyebrook.co.uk 

The Eyebrook offers easy boat access for disabled anglers, we work closely with the England Disabled Fly Fishers hosting a number of events for them each year & have hosted the Disabled Fly Fishers International with teams from England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.

Eyebrook has a rich & varied fly life, buzzers, pond olives, shrimp, corixa, damsels, crane fly, sedges, caenis & fry ensures our trout grow well with fly caught browns to 17lb, rainbow trout to 12lb & fly caught pike to 38lb recorded during the past year.

The Eyebrook browns must be returned as we have a wild population of browns that breed each year up the  Eye brook stream.

The Eyebrook has a purpose built lodge with a tackle shop onsite & an online shop www.flyfishstore.co.uk we also offer fly fishing tuition and guiding for the trout and pike details on our tuition & guiding website www.flyfishtuition.co.uk

Eyebrook also has a range of SAGE, VISION trout & piking demo rods for you to take out and try along with a large selection of RIO Fly lines loaded onto fly reels for you to take out and try, which makes it easier to find the right fly line that works for you!

Holiday, Short Break Packages

We offer holiday packages which allow you to split your visits between one or all three fisheries, the fisheries are no more than a 40 min drive from each other, detail available  Short Break Packages