Eyebrook 2023 Competitions


Call the Eyebrook Lodge 01536 770264

During 2021 Eyebrook will host the following Competitions & Club Events

02nd April – England Ladies Day

09th April – Scierra Pairs Contact P. Dixon www.scierrapairs.co.uk

16th April – All Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers Contact www.aafff.co.uk

07th May – West End Fly Fishers

10th & 11th – May Regional Police

15th May – Phillips Fly Fishing Championships

24th May – English Disabled Fly Fishers Floating Line Only. Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk

04th June – All Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers Contact www.aafff.co.uk

11th June – Invicta Club Competition.

22nd & 23rd July – 6 x 4 Team Competition.

29th July – AMFFC Group 1 Competition

02nd August – English Disabled Fly Fishers, Presidents Cup. Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk

03rd August – EFFA Club Competition.

06th September – English Disabled Fly Fishers National Eliminator Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk

10th September – England Ladies National Final.

17th September – English Disabled Fly Fishers & AAFFF Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk

20th September – AMFFC Group 2 Competition.

24th September – Midland Counties Fly Fishers.

30th September – Ashington Kingfishers.

01st October – AMFFC Group 3 Competition.

11th October – English Disabled Fly Fishers Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk

15th October – All Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers. Contact www.shaun@aafff.co.uk 

Eyebrook Fur n Feather 2023 – TBN.