Eyebrook Fishery Report for the Week Ending Sunday 29 Oct 23.

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Eyebrook Fishery Weekly Report 

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Week Ending: 29th October   Rod Av:  0.4      Water Temperature: 12°c

The week started with the full extent of the impact of last week’s rain now visible for all to see & with water being drawn off the reservoir to bring it back down to normal levels, the water clarity is non-existent. This will remain so until the Eye Brook starts to bring in clear water again & the reservoir release valve is switch off which will allow the water to settle & allow the sediment to drop out of the water, improving visibility.

Tuesday was a case of situation no change with regards to the water clarity, with sediment, dense water still coming into the reservoir via the Eye Brook. The water level of the Eye Brook was at least close to its normal level which is an improvement on previous days.

Wednesday, Thurs & Friday continued in the same vein as the previous days. On Saturday, there were a few boat anglers out practicing for Sundays Fur & Feather & there was very few fish caught. Those that did catch caught close into the bank on large, dark flies, fished slow, affording any fish in the vicinity the maximum change of seeing the fly.

Sunday saw us host Eyebrook’s 2023 Fur & Feather which saw 34 anglers take to the water. They were met by an initial bright spell that lasted to mid-morning before becoming overcast. The strong wind that was forecast earlier in the week, did not materialise & there was a light to moderate southerly all day. The water clarity remained a concern, although it was noticeably better than on previous days. Thank you to all of those that supported this year’s event & well done to all the prize winners. It was a closely run affair with a matter of ounces separating 2nd to 4th place but a huge congratulations goes to the winning pair of Stevie Peart & Tony Baldwin who caught 3 fish for a weight of 6lb 12oz. There were some cracking fish caught during the day, none more so for Mr Parnham who landed a great Brown Trout, estimated between 7-8lb, which unfortunately did not count towards the competition, but it did earn him a complementary boat voucher.

Over the next few days the water clarity should continue to improve which suggests there could be a great end to the season.

2023 Winter Restrictions.

From the 01 November, we will be operating a reduced number of boats, 10, so pre-booking will be important. Also, the bank fishing will see some winter restrictions, with Banking Fishing limited from the Chestnut, down the Leicester Bank, to the Lodge & along the Dam, around to Robbo’s Cabin. These winter bank restrictions have been increased since last year.

2023 Eyebrook Closing Date.

The last day of fishing on Eyebrook is Monday 20th November.

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Week Ending: 29th October Rod Av: N/A Water Temperature: 13°C

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience this week. As some of you may be aware Ifor has not been well. He is currently in hospital but making good progress, and we expect him to return home early this week. He then understandably needs to take some time to rest and recover with his family. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing him well.

The company is being run on a temporary basis by Ms Cassandra jones and Ms Sophia Jones as Acting Company Directors, along with Mr Tom Bird as General Manager.

Thornton Reservoir will reopen on Thursday the 2nd of November. It will then be open 4 days per week, Thursday to Sunday, until the end of the season.  Opening Times will be as normal for this time of year. Because of these limited opening times, all Thornton season permits will be honoured at both Draycote and Eyebrook Reservoirs.

The water at Thornton is currently clearing after some cooler evenings and fish are beginning to move on the top as well as in the margins.

Looking ahead to next season, we are currently finalising our stocking schedules, preseason tackle orders, and looking forward to welcoming you all back to what we believe will be our best season ever.

The management team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding memberships, orders, and fishing reports.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thornton 2023 last day of the fishing season Thursday 30th November

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Exclusion Zone  Due to the work being carried out on the Hensborough Bank there is an exclusion zone in place, clearly marked with yellow buoys. Under no circumstances are anglers to enter this area as there are divers in the water.

Week Ending:  Sunday 29th October 2023  Rod Av:  2.6  Water Temperature: 13.5C

A nice start the week with the wind coming from the Southeast with an overcast start with the sun making an appearance later in the day. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 4 fish using a washing line with crunchers. Taking 3 of his first thing in the morning at Lincroft Point and then took the final fish at Greys Barn. All water member Jim Greasley landed 3 fish from the Cornfield & Tower Bank using a washing line with a biscuit FAB on the point and shrimps on the droppers. Jim Hall like Tony, used a washing line with crunchers to land 4 fish. On the boats Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 11 fish to their boat. Fishing around H Buoy and the spit. With Ian using a 12ft slow tip with nemo crunchers on the droppers and a booby on the point. While Bob opted to use a tequila FAB and a flat daddy. Bob Barfoot also fished from the boats landing 9 fish drifting from H Buoy to S Buoy with mini humungus boobies doing the damage. Peter Elliot & Lee Patten fished around the Spit using fry patterns with the pair landing 15 fish.

Very light winds, with a flat calm for nearly all of the day. With the wind picking up late in the afternoon, with sunny spells. On the bank Jim Kelly landed 4 fish from Toft and Lincroft Point using crunchers. Andrew Tasker used Diawl Bach’s on a washing line to land 3 fish from the Swan’s nest. On the boats all water member Kevin Hart landed 7 fish from the Farborough Dam and Croft Shoal. Using either floating fry or a barred olive mini snake. With his best fish being a cracking Rainbow of 5lbs. John Jones landed 8 fish while on a boat, fishing in Toft and the Cornfield. Using a sparkler booby on the point and crunchers on the droppers using a 12ft slow tip. Letting it sink a little deeper when the sun came out and when the cloud was over pulled it across the surface. John Goodwin & L Waldron fished around H Buoy and the Farborough Spit to land 18 fish to there boat using a variety of fry patterns. Fishery Ranger & Guide Lee Henfrey took John Luchkin out for a full days guiding. With John enjoying a great day landing 16 fish, using a 12ft slow tip with 2 sparkler boobies. With the best area being around H Buoy and Farborough Spit, as well at S Buoy and Croft Shoal.

A cold feel to Wednesday, with a North wind blowing and a foggy start to the day with low cloud for most of the morning before the sun came out in the afternoon. On the bank Draycote member Pete Allen fished at the Old Pipe using small popper fry. Mark Smith fished at Lincroft Point using Cormorants landing 4 fish from the bank. All water member Mark Hunt used dries from the bank to good effect landing 6 fish, with daddies and Big Reds being his most productive flies. Fishing with Mark, Jude Tuffs used popper fry to land 5 fish. Another angler finding success on the bank was Ifor Bullock who fished in Dunn’s Bay landing 5 fish. On the boats all water members Kevin Coonihan fished with Ian Leech with the pair finding that the calmed water around the Tower Bank. Held a number of fish keen to take dries. Mick Iliffe fished around T Buoy & H Buoy using a black snake to land 7 fish using a medium sink line.

The wind started in the Southwest on Thursday, before swinging into the Southwest as the day progressed. Once again the bank anglers enjoyed good sport, Draycote member Paul Walker landed 5 fish. Using an olive suspender buzzer to land his fish, from the Swan’s nest and Lincroft Point. Mick Cronin also landed 5 fish on suspender Minkies from the Old Pipe in Biggin. With Stan Hillman landing 5 on the same flies from the Tower bank and in near the Willow Tree in Toft. On the boats Malcom Patrick & Ian McKenzie used dries to great effect landing 11 fish to the boat. With their best flies being a claret hopper and also a daddy. Mark Close fished a half day boat to land half a dozen fish, from Biggin Bay. Using a washing line with cormorants on the droppers and a booby on the point. Draycote member Bob Smith landed 10 fish while in a boat. With his best area being from Farborough Spit down to the Swans Nest along the dam wall. Using a Minkie Booby, mini minkie and a black snake commenting “on another good day”.

A very foggy start Friday, with the fog lifting about 11am, with the wind coming from the South. On the bank all water member Mick Glover landed a brace of fish in the first 30 mins falling to shrimp patterns at the Swan’s Nest. Draycote member Paul Walley fished at Lincroft point from the bank. Landing 5 fish, 3 of them falling to a grey mink snake fished on a floating line. One on a white snake and then the final fish coming to a daddy fished on the point of a washing line set up. On the boats all water member Paul Havard landed 7 fish. Using a floating lien with a candy booby on the point and shrimp patterns. Drifting from B Buoy to the Tower Bank. Mark Thistleton used the rudder to land 5 fish on an intermediate line in Toft on snakes.

Saturday started overcast with light breezes and brightened up as the day progressed. It was an excellent  day to be out on  the water with good returns coming several areas and on several different methods. Andy Lilley had a brace from the bank using white minkies off the Swans Nest and up in Rainbow Corner. Young Mike Garner caught 4 fish from the bank down in Toft Shallows using lures and floating fry patterns. Season permit holder Jim Hall caught a brace whilst fishing from the bank down in Toft Shallows again on a mixture of lures and floating fry. Season permit holder Jamie Scott had 10 fish to the boat on popper fry patterns and commented on “some great sport”. Staff member Michael Hanlon caught 5 fish from a drifting boat in Biggin and Duns Bay as well as Rainbow Corner. Michael used a midge tip line with sparkler boobies and cormorants.

A beautiful start to Sunday morning with a full moon still in the sky whilst we prepared the boats for the day. The bright start did not push the fish down in the water column, and indeed most of the returns for the day came from the top couple of feet on flies such as snakes, sparkler boobies and cormorants. Alex Campbell had a brace form the bank during a morning session. Alex used sparkler boobies and white minkies from the Tower Bank and Rainbow Corner. Out on the boats Debbie and Sean Gilbert netted a brace during a morning session using olive snakes fished on a DI3 line. Ben Bayliss’s party of 4 anglers had 19 fish between them to the boat. The lads used a mixture of snakes, cormorants and orange mini lures, fished on a DI3 sweep line in open water. James Alexander and his boat partner caught 11 fish between them from  a drifting boat on sparkler boobies fished on a midge tip line.

Upcoming Events.

26th November- Fur & Feather

Draycote’s closing date

The closing date for Draycote for this season will be Thursday 30th November 2023.

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