Eyebrook Week Ending 5th July – 5.7 Av

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 5th July 2020

A great weeks fishing at the Eyebrook for the time of year with a rod average 5.7

Monday started off with a wild wind blowing from the Leicester bank and by lunch time it was just under our limit for allowing boats out. Most Anglers had checked the up and coming weather reports and had called to rearrange their day out. But for the brave few souls that ventured out, they were rewarded with some unbelievable sport in some windy conditions. D Priestly and his sister ventured out on the water, part of an annual event to remember their father by who had brought them fishing to Eyebrook while growing up. Mr Priestly called the lodge the next day to thank us for such an amazing days fishing and how welcoming the staff had been with them. He personally had well in to double figures of fish to the boat and had constant attention from the fish all day long while fishing a foam daddy on the top dropper, a Silver Invicta on the middle dropper and a wingless whickams on the point. Outstanding Angling! All water season ticket holder Ged O’Donoghue had an outstanding day from the bank, fishing from lunch time through to nearly 9 o’clock at night managing to get in to double figures on Pheasant tails and Hopper patterns. Eyebrook season ticket holder J Reid ventured out for a morning in the boat and was rewarded with a single Rainbow estimated to be between 5 – 6Lbs which was safely returned to fight another day.

Tuesday was a lovely mild morning with a gentle breeze and perfect cloud cover. with the conditions being so good our anglers were treated to a fantastic day of sport. Many of our anglers were reporting well in to double figures both from the bank and from the boat. Mr Willie Bryson from Nova Scotia had an eventful day out exploring the water and catching fish from all over the reservoir on nymphs and wet flies. We are looking forward to him returning for follow up visits in the near future. Mr P Walker had an outstanding day and was top rod of the day and even managed a pike while fishing Diawl Bach’s. Tuesday certainly was a day when the fish came out to play which gave us a rod average of 8.6

Wednesday continued on from the Tuesday with fish all over the reservoir turning up and giving a good account of themselves. Top boat of the day was Eyebrook’s very own dynamic duo Clive Moore and Ian Jobe who managed well in to double figures each and even had time to pop in to sit under the big oak tree to have lunch. They certainly enjoy their Wednesday outings to Eyebrook. Wednesday was a perfect day out for the float tubers with All water ticket holder Neil Shilton having another outstanding day getting well in to double figures again.

Thursday and its plain to see that word has got out that Eyebrook has been on top form lately. T Fox and P Barker had a bumper day out in the boat fishing orange Culs and managing to get good sport from all over the lake with both of them getting in to double figures. Most of our anglers are reporting back that foam daddies are fishing well and have been really effective with a couple of small wet flies behind them.

Friday arrived and the winds were starting to pick up but the conditions were still good enough to get out on the water. All water ticket holder Lindsay Bates had a phenomenal morning session out in the boat and managed to net well into the double figures fishing crippled midge patterns. Eyebrook season ticket holder Simon K continues his impressive run on the lake, once again catching well in to double figures on small lake olives. The sport on the lake has been fantastic this week and held a steady rod average just above 5.

Saturday arrived and with it, some very strong winds in the morning which dropped ever so slightly in the afternoon which gave our guests a bit of a challenging day out on the water. Despite the wilder winds, Mr P Gordon managed to get well in to double figures fishing a

Yellow Owl out in some big waves. Eyebrook Season ticket holder Dave Etty once again brought his A game and got in to double figures from the bank, once again on foam daddies.

Sunday and things stated to slow down a little. But Eyebrook regulars Steve Lawrence and Dave Chadwick managed a good 6 a piece from the bank during a morning session down by the hawthorns. Mike Oliver managed to get in to double figures from the bank fishing Pheasant tail Nymphs on a Washing line. D Metcalfe and A Metcalfe managed 9 each to the boat fishing black buzzers.

There are a lot of fish now moving along the bank from Dogwood bay all the way to Sam’s Dyke as well as out in the main basin towards Harrisons corner and weed cutter bay. The most widely reported working fly has definitely been the foam daddies along with hoppers and silver invictas. All these flies are available from the shop. If you are running low, pop in and see what we have for you.

With the cooler conditions we have resumed our fly fishing for the pike, pre booking & prepayment required, call the lodge for details 01536 770264


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