Eyebrook fishing report week ending 21 June 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 21st June 2020

This week continues with reports of some good top of the water action despite the sunny and still day on Monday. Anglers are reporting fish moving in the surface all over the lake, but the concentrations of fish are still in the same areas that have been producing for the past week or so, although the surface water temperature is going upwards towards 19 degrees

A special mention for our All water Season ticket holder Steve Orton, who despite the trout being very selective in their food selection, managed to hook and land his PB Tench. Our young Ranger Jason popped out with the scales to weigh it. The Tench came in at 7lbs 6oz. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of the fantastic specimen to share with you. Steve went on to catch trout on red diawl bachs Yellow owl. D Mathews caught 5 on hoppers with A Wither fishing hoppers & buzzers to take his 4 trout.

The 16th of June seen Eyebrook welcome back her Predator Anglers. Little wind & bright conditions for most of the day were not the best conditions. Guy Eldridge always lets us know what is going on out on the reservoir, at the end of the day and was happy to report back that there were large numbers of trout holding mid water around the Island however with the flat calm conditions plenty of 5lb to 9lb jacks were caught with one 20lb pike reported. Danny Peet also had a good day out in the Wheely boat, catching into double numbers of pike.

Ifor reported seeing plenty of trout feeding from mucky bay across to the willows, feeding on small olive midge, damsel, pin fry & daphnia with sedge being on the diet during the evening.

Roger Charles was our top trout rod of the day, getting into double figures fishing from the bank by the Chestnut tree with his fish falling to a traffic light cruncher. Local Season ticket holder Simon K managed a very respectable 7 to the boat fishing pheasant tail nymphs and Damsel patterns. Ian Jobe managed a go 8 trout while out float tubing.

Wednesday & another still day, that was until the thunderstorms came through at teatime, if we sound the klaxon it’s a sign that you should make your way back to the pontoon ASAP

All water member Ed Douglas caught 20 trout for his visit another member Neil Shilton fished from his tube to catch his 11 trout with day rod D Stone also catching 11. Small buzzers, dries, small foam backed daddies & damsels caught the majority with Stoke dry, mucky bay & the willows catching best. With the piking the smaller fish were still plentiful with Mat Harris reporting 30 pike for his two days.

Friday was a challenging day with changing wind direction and the occasional strong gusts. P Walker had a good day with up a dozen or so fish to the boat on buzzers and Diawl Bach patterns. All water ticket holder Lindsay Bates joined Fishery manager Jim Wright for a day out for 7 fish each and lots of fish on and off throughout the day. There were lots of fish showing near the surface by the chestnut tree and Stoke dry areas, but these fish were reluctant to take anything thrown at them. Obviously, a bit cautious as they have had quite a bit of pressure over the past week.


There are a good number of fish around the dogwood bay to the bell area. These fish were extremely active and would slam buzzers of diawl bachs on a washing line method fished very slowly or they would hit a blob booby on the point.

Saturday saw a few father and sons hitting the water for a day out and the Davies Family taking the kids out for a day on the water. They were rewarded with some sport near the dam whist fishing a Dunkeld, buzzer and FAB washing line method. Andy Lunn and Steve Cullen had double figures of fish to the boat fishing either dries or blob with damsels and nymph combinations. Mike Oliver had a great day of sport fishing from the bank and managed to snare 8 fish using pheasant tail nymphs and buzzers on a washing line method. The fish are still feeding near the surface with some of the larger trout coming out towards the top end of the reservoir at Stoke dry and the Chestnut tree.

Sunday was a more settled day with a nice steady breeze and some good cloud cover early in the morning and getting bright by around lunch time. Eyebrook regular and season ticket holder Dave Chadwick managed 6 from the bank fishing small foam daddy patterns and left by 12:45 as the fishing was getting a bit harder from the bank as the day progressed. Mark hunt had a full day out on the water and got in to double figures fishing small dries and thoroughly enjoyed the challenging sport. Lindsay Bates ventured out for an afternoon boat and managed double figures. Kieron Johnson managed 9 from the bank in the afternoon fishing golden olive palmers through the light waves.

As the week has progressed the pattern that is emerging is that the fish are feeding well in the morning and easily reachable for the bank anglers. But as the day progresses, the fish are moving out from the bank slightly. After 2 o’clock in the afternoon the fish seem to come back on the feed and are mostly preoccupied with damsel nymphs but can be tempted with a foam daddy or small nymphs just under the surface. As the day progresses the fish are more likely to take dries on the surface as there as quite a few small sedge’s coming off on the evening.

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