Eyebrook update 31st May 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 31 May 2020

We would remind all our anglers day & season permit you are required to call in at the lodge for staff to book you in before commencing to fish.

Rod average 2.9

Water Clarity excellent

Hatches: Sedge, huge amount of damsels & pin fry

As we roll into the week after a windy weekend, the weather has started to settle. Monday looked promising starting off a little overcast with a gentle breeze and near perfect conditions. However, as the morning progressed, the clouds disappeared, the sun got brighter and the temperatures went up. This was a common theme that continued for the rest of the week.

As expected, with the weather conditions remaining hot and bright, it has pushed the fish further from the bank in to open water which is making fishing from the bank difficult. Anglers from the bank have managed a few early in the morning, but then it gets really tough and reduces the likelihood a take until things cool down in the evening. The result of this has been a swift uptake on the Last 4 Hour tickets.

The boat anglers have found it difficult at times to locate the fish. This has been due to the bright sunshine and the wind dropping off and changing direction 180 degrees and blowing on to the Leicester bank and making it difficult to fish the areas that have been most productive over the previous 10 days or so.

We continue to get mixed reports this week. Some anglers are doing relatively well fishing buzzers from the boat almost static, but then we get reports that the fish have been taking foam daddies and small nymphs. Damsel nymph patterns seem to be doing pretty well at this time due to the massive hatches at Eyebrook. There seems to be an abundance of natural food for the fish. We have seen quite a few Mayfly coming off the lake as well as massive late evening hatches of olive buzzers to coincide with the Damsels hatches.

As the fishing for the trout becomes tougher, we have had increased reports of the resident pike having a go at buzzers and damsel patterns resulting in quite a few anglers being surprised by pike ranging from a few pounds up to 20lbs+. this is probably due to the pike feeding heavily after spawning. Our fly fishing for the pike starts from June 16th

The team at Eyebrook were overjoyed this week at the arrival of 7 little cygnets. Mama swan had set up nest at the casting platform by the jetty during the lockdown. We would be grateful if our visitors would be respectful of this nesting site and give the swan and her young a bit of space while making your way to the boats.

The staff at the lodge have worked tirelessly to ensure that the lodge and boats are sanitised and kept safe. PLEASE help us by following the simple guidelines that have been put in place. Do not enter any of the buildings unless it is to use the toilet facilities, or to book out with catch returns at the end of your days fishing.

The staff would like to thank everyone for their support and patience during this period.

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