Eyebrook weekly fishing report 27th October

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Eyebrook Reservoir; Fishery report for week to 28th October 2019

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Earl part of the week the water level continued to drop with visibility improving daily. Some early morning frosts with the leaves showing a hint of colour it has that autumn feel to it.

This was the week when lure & fry patterns started to produce the majority of the catches with snakes, bunny leeches, zonkers, cats whiskers etc catching the fish.

Monday with clarity around 3ft members Richard Watson & Bill Whittle boated 7 trout for their mornings visit with member Paul Walker fishing fry patterns to catch his 5 trout and two pike which took his fry patterns

Tuesday was a slower day for the trout although the pike were prepared to take the trout fry patterns with numerous pike caught. Wednesday proved to be the best day of the week with Mr McLellan reporting a slow mornings fishing which picked up in the afternoon taking his 7 trout on dries, John Wastle also caught 7 on hares ears and dries the majority of the other anglers caught on fry patterns.

Thursday & Friday proved challenging days with the next weather front forecast bringing with it increased wind & rain. The heavy rain during Friday & Saturday morning once again bought the level of the Eyebrook up again by well over 2ft once again bringing with it reduced clarity. Danny Peet whilst fly fishing for the pike caught & returned an excellent double figure brown trout, photo on Facebook www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

Sunday morning we held our annual Fur & Feather competition. The fishery staff & anglers were greeted by the high water level, too high to get onto the pontoon with wellingtons! Toff Crowther moved the 20 boats required off the pontoon onto the concrete apron to allow anglers access to the boats. With visibility 2ft at best 3ft in some areas we were pleasantly surprised how well it fished.

Ian Jobe & Clive Moore won the event and a Christmas Hamper each with 7 trout, Rosemary Gun & Kev Saxton were second wining two bottles of wine each with their 6 fish, with David Davies & John Pearce also catching 6 fish but weighing less than Rosemary & Kevin winning a box of chocolates each with David Davies also winning a bottle of port for the largest fish. Pictures on our Facebook www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore & Instagram www.instagram.com/flyfishstore The most productive area during the fur & feather was the area in front of Robbo & the netted bank, surprisingly floating lines worked best on Sunday with Mark Goodge recording 4 trout on dabblers!

Good News: The water level is receding with clarity improving, with less wind & and an improving forecast for the remaining few days of the Eyebrook season & with 15,000 trout still in the reservoir its certainly worth a visit.

2020 With the season drawing to a close this Thursday 31s October details on membership, Eyebrook Membership from £443.00 & All Water Membership covering Eyebrook, Draycote & Thornton from £489.00 can be requested by emailing lodge@flyfisheyebrook.co.uk

Opening day 2020 will be Friday 6th March

Pike Fishing.

Although no pike to match the 33lb5oz of the week before we have had some pike caught this week with pike to 20lb+ reported.


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Number Rods:  144

Total Catch: 124 Rod Average: 0.9

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