Eyebrook Weekly Report 19th May

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EYEBROOK weekly report week ending 19th May 2019

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This last week saw light winds and long periods of sunshine that reinforced the feeling that it was May and the longer spring days are now with us. The water is still gin clear with a visibility in excess of 10 foot with the water temperature most of the week averaging 12 degrees. The warmer weather ensured that the good buzzer hatches have continued, and we are continuing to see Damsels on the warmer days. There have also been some good hatches of various olives as well as Mayflies and even the odd crane fly.

The top end of the reservoir remains the principal hotspot, however, fish have moved down slightly towards Watsons Cabin and the fence at Stoke Dry. A good head of fish has also moved across the open water from Stoke Dry drifting towards the Cow Shed and the Chestnut Tree. Buzzers, Crunchers and Diawl bachs are still featuring highly on the catch returns, normally fished in conjunction with a small FAB. In the evenings and on the more overcast days dries are catching well. With bank anglers enjoying good sport on the dries in the evening around the Chestnut tree and Sam’s dyke. On the dries the best catches have been coming to Shipman’s, CDC shuttlecock and Crippled Midge Patterns.

The week started off with a bang with the 40 anglers that fished on Monday returning an excellent daily rod average of 9.6. with over a third recording double figure returns. Mr Kirk and his partner took over 20 to their boat using buzzers whilst season ticket holder Mr. Shaer took 17 on damsels and buzzers. David James and his party from Philips Electrical had reserved 9 boats and all enjoyed good sport with a variety of methods.

The good sport continued on Tuesday with a rod average of just under 9 for the 33 anglers fishing. The fish were responding well to dries with Mr Taggart landed over 20 on dries and crunchers. Mr Davies and his boat partner Vaughn fished from the wheely boat and between them landed 30 fish including 7 on dries on one drift alone. All water season ticket holder Ged O’Donaghue landed 10 whilst Mr Wilson and his partner took 20.

On Wednesday the good sport on nymphs and buzzer continued with fish being caught all over the reservoir. Tony Miilano fished at Stoke dry from his float tube and landed 14 fish, the best being a fine 5 pounder taken on a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. This fly pattern also proved successful for Simon Kolkowski who landed over 20 fish. Ian Jobe took 9 fish as did member Clive Moore, both fishing from the boats, Roy Swinfield fished from the bank at both the dam wall and at Stoke Dry for his 5 fish

The North East Police fished a regional competition at the Eyebrook on Thursday and in total landed nearly 120 fish for a match average of 4.5. Top rod was Bob Seeber whose 15 fish ensured a healthy catch and release bonus to add to his 3 killed fish that weighed in at 5pound 3 ounces. In addition to the police, several other boats went out and found some fish, Mr McGill and Mr. Muir landed 27 to the boat, whilst Mr Mc Kenzie and Mr Robertson both recorded double figure catches. A variety of flies were successful, with nymphs, buzzers and damsels to the fore.

On Friday, all water members Ian Jobe and Neil Shilton were out in their Float Tubes and both enjoyed sport with Ian landing 14 fish and Neil 13. Paul Walker was also on the water, but in a boat and netted 17 using buzzers. out


Saturday was a very busy day and the fishing proved slightly harder than earlier in the week. Dave Carter held his annual Eyebrook charity match with 22 anglers fished from 11 boats including both of the fisheries wheely boats. Dave Etty and Martin Ryan won the competition with a combined weight of 18 and a half pounds for their 8 fish with Dave taken the biggest fish of the day which was a rainbow of 4 pounds and 10 ounces, a photo of this being on our Facebook page. Several rods were afloat practicing for the England qualifier which was being held on the Sunday and they fund fish across the reservoir. D. Middlemass took 11 fish from Sam’s Dyke on dries and buzzers whilst Mr Blythe and his partner planed 9 to their boat using a washing line with a small bobby on the point.

Only 12 anglers fished the Eyebrook qualifier on the Sunday, with this competition run as a fully catch and release comp, all caught with a match average of 7.25. The three rods who qualified for the English national final are Ed Smith, Steve Cullen & Martin Introna. Full details can be found on the Facebook page. Mr Bentley and Mr Straton were visiting the Eyebrook on a three-day ticket and enjoyed excellent sport landing over 30 fish. Bill Law fished Sam’s Dyke from the bank and landed 8 fish on damsels.

This week it was nice to be re-acquainted with several anglers who travelled some distance to the fishery and took advantage of our short break tickets. With options ranging from 2 to 4 days and prices starting at a competitive price of £63.00 for 2 days, this is an excellent short package, especially with another bank holiday coming up. Looking ahead for next week we are set for better warm weather teamed with overcast conditions, as a result we are expecting the top of the water fishing to go from strength to strength. Today we have already noticed a good hatch of damsels with mayflies being observed as well as pond olives. With this good condition forecast and a bank holiday weekend, we are expecting another busy week, so please book before traveling to avoid disappointment.


The “Alec Lane” ‘gate now has a combination lock on. Please remember to check the code with the rangers as it will change regularly.

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Guiding & Tuition.

Our guiding and Tuition website ( http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk) provides details of our beginners Tuition days at Eyebrook. We run a number of tuition days at the reservoir which are an ideal experience for any angler looking to take up the sport. This site will also provide details of this year’s boat handling courses as well as two courses aimed at anglers wishing to learn about the excellent sport provided by pike on the fly,

Guiding and tuition manager, Tom, and in- house guide Lee, fished the Eyebrook to good effect this week, taking lots of fish using a variety of methods. Both are available for guiding and full details can be found on our tuition face book page or by contacting our guiding and competition manager Tom Bird on 01788 812018

For the 2019 season the Guiding & Tuition team will be running a blog. The idea of this blog is to provide hints and tips from your guides to help keep you catching depending on the conditions, tackle reviews and write up of guiding sessions. To have a look at the blog please visit http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/latest-report/. The latest blog concerns fishing the bung, and although opinions do vary, there can be no denying its effectiveness. As it’s the time of year when the method really comes into its own, we are running a special offer on the Bungs. Please visit www.flyfishstore.co.uk/offers to see them.


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Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 398       Number Trout Taken: 359     Number Trout Released: 1381

Total Catch: 1740     Weekly Rod Average: 4.4

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In order to maintain the accuracy of our records and for sire security reasons. We would respectfully request that all anglers please ensure that they sign in on arrival & out on departure on the catch return sheet located by the main lodge entrance door.

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