Eyebrook Report W.e 20th May 2018

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Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly report ending 20th May 2018

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Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 329   Number Trout Taken: 278 Number Trout Released: 801 Total Catch: 1081

Rod Average: 3.3

Its been a consistent week at Eyebrook despite anglers being faced with ‘challenging’ conditions. Water temperature continues to rise to 17 degrees at 12inches below the surface and clarity is ‘gin clear’! Most anglers have been targeting the deeper water and boats have now started to come in to their own. Bank anglers have been having most success into the evenings as light levels drop. (our evening permit starts at 5.30 and costs just £10.00) ! Best results have come to intermediate, midge tips or slow sinking lines however on days with some cloud cover and a breeze fish have been caught on dry flies such as shipman’s buzzers or crippled midge patterns. Most anglers fishing nymphs still close to static, blobs and damsel patterns are also accounting for a good proportion of fish.

For the start of the week bank anglers enjoyed good sport around the fence into Sams dyke. Mr Wadham and friend Mr Cornish enjoyed great sport fishing nymphs high in the water. Returning around a dozen fish each a day. Member Malcom Thompson also got in on the action and caught fish on a hawthorn pattern, Frazer nymphs and a ginger quill. Boat anglers also caught very well whilst anchored in Sams Dyke. Mr Mckenzie and Mr Robertson caught over 20 fish each on Diawl Bachs and Black buzzers.

Wednesday was very much a day of mixed fortune. A strong northerly made fishing difficult. Members Clive Moore and Ian Jobe tried to find shelter in Sam’s Dyke but struggled to get their anchor to told bottom, Once it did hold close to the bank near the fence the pair were straight into fish. Best method was floating line, diawl Bachs or small buzzers with a Foam arsed blob on the point to keep the nymphs close to the surface. Local angler Shaun Marriot and Graham Dutton also had a great day. Fishing crunchers again on a washing line the deadly duo lost count of the number of fish they had returned!

Thursday was back to the bright and flat conditions. Anglers were treated to a fly over from the Lancaster bomber to mark the 75th anniversary of the dam busters raid during the second world war. Eyebrook trout fishery was used as a practise site by squadron 617 as the reservoir was like those in Germany.

Mr Andrews and Mr Bently enjoyed their three-day break caught well every day on buzzers and Diawl Bachs. Matt Leyman caught 10 fish from around the Island on various nymph patterns. Thursday was the first day wardens reported having seen adult damsels on the water and anglers also reported seeing mayflies on the water.

Come Friday the fish had certainly moved to the deeper water. Most boats fished in from the dam wall either anchored or drifting. The breeze changed by the hour and often went to flat calm making boat positioning difficult. Warden Jobe Burnham made the most of his day off and boat fished. He started drifting the main basin and caught several fish in quick succession whilst fishing a midge tip and crunchers on a washing line. (size 14 crunchers with red holo worked best). After several successful drifts Jobe decided to venture to other areas of the reservoir to see if he could find more feeding fish. He headed to Stoke dry Road where there were occasional fish rising but were extremely hard to tempt. After no success he anchored in Mucky bay. Now fishing a floating and washing line he caught two grown on fish that both took a cruncher fished static. There was now a consistent ripple across the water and more fish were showing so it was time to try his luck on the dries. He fished a crippled midge/ big red pattern whilst drifting through the middle. It was slow to start but once the sun began to set the fish started to come think and fast. Most were coming to the flies blind but occasionally a fish rose to cast too. Most boats fishing infront of the dam wall caught fish. Mr Mickley caught 14 fish during his morning session on a sinking line and cast whisker.

The weekend fished steady with the rod average around 3 both days. Bill Couldrick caught 6 fish on buzzers and also returned a 20lb plus pike that took a nymph. Craig Smith caught the largest fish of the week. A 6lb brown trout took a nymph fished deep. (we ask that all brown trout are retuned). There have been reported of a lot of large browns following flies in various areas of the reservoir. Its only a matter of time before someone hooks a monster brown!


Eyebrook reservoir is the ventue for the new Loch Style Team championships. The two-day event held on the 30th June and 1st July has the .biggest pay out in team fishing with a price pot of £6500!! Teams of 6, to enter please follow the link below,




Eyebrook Tuition dates 2018

Sunday 3rd June, Saturday 14th July (boat course). Sunday 12th August (Boat Course) Saturday 8th September, Sunday 7th October.

Eyebrook is the venue for this years Disabled international. The two-day event will take place on 26th and 27th June. We are currently looking for boat men to help on the day and monitor anglers whilst fishing. IF you can offer your help for one or two days please speak to a member for the Eyebrook staff or get in touch with the English Disabled Fly fishers.

Notice to all anglers.

We ask that all anglers respect each other whilst fishing or motoring in a boat. No anglers boat or bank should be less than 50 meters apart. If a boat is anchored less than 50 meters from a bank, a bank angler can ask the boat to move out to 50 meters.

Photographs on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

We are allowing rudders & float tubers welcome. We will also have float tube available for you to hire at the Eyebrook this season.

Guiding available with England International Lee Henfrey, Fishery Ranger Toff Crowther & assistant Eyebrook manager Jobe Burnham. Jobe also specialises in Pike Fly Fishing tuition

Lodge will be open from 7.30am for bank anglers to book in with boats available from 8.30am

We will be operating the same pricing structure that we use at our other water with the permit loyalty card & boat loyalty card valid at all our waters.

Please be aware with our upper fish limit been reduced from 8 fish to a 6 fish limit in future all 8 Fish stamps will be eligible for a free 6 fish permit once you reach the required number of stamps


‘Alec Lane ‘ gate now has a combination lock on. Please remember to check the code with the wardens as it will change regularly

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30am until 21.30pm

Boat All Day: 08:30am until 21.30 pm

Morning Boats: 08:30am until 15.00 pm Afternoon Boats: 15.00pm until 21.30 pm

Last 4 Hours from: 17.30 pm until 21.30pm (Tickets on sale from 17.15pm)

All anglers booked out at the lodge & off site by: 21.45pm

Visit our new Eyebrook fishery website www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk