Eyebrook Report W.E 22nd April 2018

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Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly report ending 22nd April 2018

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Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 265   Number Trout Taken: 358 Number Trout Released: 1913 Total Catch: 2271

Weekly Rod Average; 8.5


The excellent sport continues at Eyebrook. A very busy week with 265 anglers catching 2271 fish giving a weekly rod average of 8.5. Bookings are busy for the forthcoming week, we advise booking boats early to avoid disappointment!

Marvellous buzzers hatches have continued all week. Most anglers fishing size 10 or 12 black buzzers fished washing line on cloud covered days and straight lined or under a bung during bright days. The very warm and bright days from mid-week did put the fish down but only a few feet, a floating line is all you will require at the moment. A few anglers have caught fish on the dries particularly first and last thing emerger patterns such as a Yellow Owl CDC or Big reds starting to catch. With a more overcast week forecast we expect to see more fish feeding on the surface. Water clarity continuous to improve as is now back to its usual clarity.

The Cowshed and Chestnut tree fished extraordinarily well for both bank and boat anglers at the start of the week. Many anglers returning very big numbers of fish. Into the weekend bank anglers found fish off the netted bank and hawthorn hedge. Boats caught well from the Hawthorns to Sams dyke and chestnut tree and The Pens.

Monday saw the highest rod average I have ever seen. Over 20 fish a rod, most angers couldn’t help but catch fish. Richard Callis fished the cowshed and caught 14 fish on a buzzer bund set up. S Newby fished Diawl Bachs and buzzers on a straight-line method and caught 20 plus fish whilst fishing close to the bank at Norris Dyke.

Chris Hartley and Nigel Woolnough had an exceptional day on Tuesday. A slow start to the day with a challenging strong southerly wind but into the afternoon the wind dropped, and fish came on the feed. The pair caught on several methods but found a washing line with buzzers most effective. Wednesday was an exceptionally hot day, temperatures hit 26 degrees. M Oliver had his best day of the season so far. Bank fishing at the chestnut tree he fished static buzzers again on the washing to successfully net 30 plus fish.

Thursday the heat did start to take its toll during the middle of the day. Best results were early morning or into the evening once temperatures had dropped. Most boats anchored in Mucky Bay or the Pens. Most anglers fishing a straight line buzzer outfit or under the bung. Pete Hawkins went against the trend and fished a slow intermediate and a damsel pattern and caught a dozen fish from around the chestnut. Member Bill Stewart had a pleasant surprise when a 5lb 2oz brown trout took his small lure whilst he was bank fishing. Dick Spicer and Trev Ashby had their first visit of the season and took the disabled boat out. Eyebrook have two disabled boats which are available for anyone to hire. Giving the less steady angler easy access onto the water. The pair fished in the cowshed and caught over a dozen fish between them on buzzers under the bung.

The good sport continued into the weekend. Guy Nicholson and friends spent 4 days fishing at Fishery Management Reservoirs. They split their 4 day break between Draycote and Eyebrook. All anglers caught extremely well from the hawthorn hedge and chestnut tree to cowshed. Washing line buzzers worked best in calm days or straight lining if you wind picked up. (We offer 2, 3 and 4 packages which can be split across all four of our reservoirs, Eyebrook, Draycote, Thornton and Foremark. For full details visit our website, www.flyfishstore.co.uk. ) Brent Hart had a good evening session on his float tube. He launched from stoke Dry and fished the northern part of the reservoir close to the no fishing limit line. Buzzers, flash back nymphs accounted for his 12 fish.


Member Bill Law found over wintered fish feeding off the Island during his short session. Upon arrival he could see his moving in the surface and decided to fish a washing line using a foam daddy as his buoyant point fly. To Bills surprise a fish came up and took the foam daddy on only his second cast and turned out to be a super 4lb 8oz overwintered specimen. Bill changed his set up mid-morning once the sun had risen into the sky. He put a small weighted blood worm as his point fly and fished straight through. He finished after a few hours having caught 4 overwintered fish all around 4lbs a piece.


After Draycote’s very successful first tuition day of the year on Saturday, were all participants landed their very first fish under the watchful eye of Guiding & Tuition Manager Tom Bird. Eyebrook looks forward to starting the first of its 2018 tuition days on Saturday 5th May. There’re a couple of spaces left for this date for further enquires call the lodge on 01536 770264 or visit the website


Eyebrook Tuition dates 2018

Saturday 5th May, Sunday 3rd June, Saturday 14th July (boat course). Sunday 12th August (Boat Course) Saturday 8th September, Sunday 7th October.

Eyebrook is the venue for this years Disabled international. The two-day event will take place on 26th and 27th June. We are currently looking for boat men to help on the day and monitor anglers whilst fishing. IF you can offer your help for one or two days please speak to a member for the Eyebrook staff or get in touch with the English Disabled Fly fishers.


Notice to all fishing guides & instructors

We continue to welcome independent guides & instructors on all our water.

However to ensure in this world of potential litigation that all parties are covered on advice from our insurance company if your guiding or instructing a client at Draycote, Foremark, Thornton & Eyebrook you will in future be require to produce:

  1. A copy of your Liability Insurance, this you can email to us for it to be on file for 2018
  2. A copy of your Risk Assessment for that days guiding / instruction

If your guiding or instructing and are unable to produce the required documents you will be refused access to the fishery.

To enable us to deal with all our customers quickly & efficiently we suggest you forward copies of your liability insurance for us to place on file and prior to your visit a copy of that days risk assessment emailed to the fishery lodge, this will enable our staff to get you & your client out on the water as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank the guides & instructors who have already forwarded copies of their liability insurance

Photographs on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

We are allowing rudders & float tubers welcome. We will also have float tube available for you to hire at the Eyebrook this season.

Guiding available with England International Lee Henfrey, Fishery Ranger Toff Crowther & assistant Eyebrook manager Jobe Burnham. Jobe also specialises in Pike Fly Fishing tuition

Lodge will be open from 7.30am for bank anglers to book in with boats available from 8.30am

We will be operating the same pricing structure that we use at our other water with the permit loyalty card & boat loyalty card valid at all our waters.

Please be aware with our upper fish limit been reduced from 8 fish to a 6 fish limit in future all 8 Fish stamps will be eligible for a free 6 fish permit once you reach the required number of stamps


‘Alec Lane ‘ gate now has a combination lock on. Please remember to check the code with the wardens as it will change regularly

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30am until 20.30 pm

Boat All Day: 08:30am until 20.30 pm

Morning Boats: 08:30am until 14:15 pm

Afternoon Boats: 14.15 pm until 20.30 pm

Last 4 Hours from: 16.30 pm until 20.30pm (Tickets on sale from 16.15pm)

All anglers booked out at the lodge & off site by: 20.30pm

Visit our new Eyebrook fishery website www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk