Eyebrook Report W.e 15th October 2017

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Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly report – Week ending 15th October 2017

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We are expecting excellent sport during October as we head towards our closing date of October 31st as we currently have a stock level of 16,900 trout in the reservoir

Weekly Stats:                                                                                                                                                      

Number Rods: 162   Number Trout Taken: 192     Number Trout Released: 710 Total Catch: 897

Weekly Rod Average: 5.5

NEW LODGE LANDLINE – 01536 770 264 – please update your contact list as this will be the only landline working for the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge

Eyebrook has produced great sport this week, with an overall rod average of 5.5. Various methods working depending on conditions and time of day. Lots of fry feeders around during the morning at the tower to Dog wood bay. During the middle of the day when air temperatures are warmer there are more fish feeding on insects. Black buzzers and crunchers fished on a washing line are working very fished on the drift or at anchor. Dry flies are working when there’s cloud cover and a steady ripple. Black hoppers and emerger patterns working well. Most boats have fished over the deeper water this week, starting drifts from the Belle and Dogwood and drifting to the three trees or Harrison’s corner. Other anglers have found fish elsewhere, fry feeder below Robbos cabin and The Chesnut Tree or drifting the Island to the willows fishing dries and have found quality fish although not the easiest to catch. The bank is improving each day with fish feeding on the fry into the margins. The dam, Dogwood and the Belle being most productive.

Mondays average a healthy 5.7 fish a rod. Most anglers fishing the dam wall caught on fry patterns. Dave Shaer netted 8 for his morning session fishing a white lure on an intermediate line. Mr Wither fished a mix of dries and washing line and caught twenty plus fish whilst drifting the basin.

Tuesday and Wednesday were trickier with a strong south westerly wind but the average remained over 4 fish a rod for both days. Lures on an intermediate or floating working best in the wave. Members Clive Moore and Ian Jobe caught fish on every drifting during the afternoon. Drifting from the middle of the dam to the three trees. Mr Watson caught 18 fish on dries during the morning, fishing calmer water off the Leicester bank and a washing line with crunchers and a FAB on the point during the afternoon.

Thursday was an interesting day with anglers reporting fishing moving on the surface but coming short to the dries. T Grove caught 10 fish on a black hopper and daddy long legs. Ken Waters (picture on Facebook flyfishstore) caught very well from the disabled boat. Fishing with a mix of lures he found plenty of feeding fish just below the surface in the middle of the basin.

Tunbridge wells Fly Fishers enjoyed there day on Friday. 3 boats caught 50 plus fish on a range of patterns all fished on or near to surface. Mr Pacey also caught well returning 8 rainbows which came to a weighted cats whisker. Ian Jobe bank fished for the morning. Starting at the Chestnut tree he could see the odd fish moving and targeted them with a single minkie fly on a floating line. He found the secret to be not to fish one spot for more than twenty minutes and not to wade as the fish were coming right into the bank. Ian finished the day having caught 11 fin perfect rainbows two of which were over 4lbs.

Saturday saw 9 members of the British Float Tube Association take to the water. Most didn’t venture to far from the lodge, fishing in dog wood bay and around the tower. The returns were super with every angler catching fish and many catching well into double figures. Most fish coming to washing line nymphs or size 14 dries. Eyebrook regulars John Punt and Andy Gallacher had one of the best days of their session. Boating 14 fish on foam daddies.

Sunday was a day of two halves. Perfect conditions during the morning with fish coming to dries but the sun rose and clouds departed during the afternoon making things ‘challenging’. Dry fly expert Ed Douglas enjoyed steady drifts across the main basing. Fishing dries he netted 7 fish during the morning and changed to a washing line set up for the afternoon and caught a further 9. Farther and son tea, Mark Seabrook and Scott had a successful trip. Returning a dozen fish between which came to a large daddy tied with orange wings.

The great fishing looks to continue for the remaining two weeks of the season, with good weather forecast and plenty of feeding fish in the reservoir.

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Members renewal forms will be sent out shortly. If you are interested in joining Eyebrook as a member pleased be advised there is currently a waiting list. If you would like to join the list please speak to member of staff at the Eyebrook Lodge or call us on 01536 770 264.

We are allowing rudders & float tubers welcome, with the float tubing association visiting us on the 14th October.

Guiding available with England International Lee Henfrey and Head ranger Jobe Burnham. Jobe also specialises in Pike Fly Fishing tuition

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Fur and Feather Sunday 29th October – Friendly Pairs Competition with prizes to be won.

Last day of the 2017 season will be Tuesday 31st October. A date for the start of the 2018 is yet to be confirmed. We are however now taking bookings for April 2018 onwards.


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