Eyebrook report Week Ending 18 July 2021

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year with expected higher water temperatures at the Eyebrook we alter the average size of trout we stock. Our stocking policy for the Eyebrook is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Eyebrook – Leicestershire Trout Fishery

Week ending 18th July 21               Rod Average:1.5                  Water Temp: 21C+

Monday started off as overcast with light winds from the North West. The day was relatively quiet. Despite the conditions being near perfect, only a handful of anglers ventured out. This was probably due to a historical sporting moment in England’s history. The few anglers that ventured out in the morning had a few fish, but in the afternoon after a bit of a deluge things became more difficult for the anglers venturing out on the lake.

The wind had maintained its direction and slightly increased from the previous day. With fish showing in the surface all along the dam frontage and all the way up to Robbo’s cabin at about 100 yards from the bank, we were expecting a lot of good action for our anglers. However, the fish seem to be preoccupied with something that the anglers are struggling to replicate. Mr Adams had 5 fish that fell to buzzers or cormorants. But yet again Mark Hunt managed 5 on dries on a day where the fish were being very finicky about what they were taking.

Midweek saw the weather start to settle. With a NNW wind at an average 13mph at its strongest, the fishing should have seen a few fish being taken on dries or just sub surface with damsel nymphs and olive crunchers. But, despite the great conditions, our anglers were still struggling to put a finger on what exactly the fish were taking. Top rod on the day was Ewan McGregor who managed 8 to the boat while using a selection of dries that he was given by Mark Hunt. A lovely gesture by one of our All-water Season ticket holders. Just another example of how friendly and welcoming our season ticket holders are and it isn’t just restricted to our staff. Richard Sutcliffe had a cracking guided session out on the water with Andy Miller and managed one of our new resident Brownies which made his day. However, not to be outdone, Andy Miller then managed to land a stunning 8lbs 8oz Brown. Andy had them both fishing sinking lines and booby snakes. Sometimes when the fishing is challenging, you need to get down and use those big nasty lures. Follow the link to see the results of Richard’s Guided session: www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

Thursday saw Eyebrook being hit with a Northerly wind. The weather reports were saying a top average wind speed of 13mph was to be expected. However, our anglers were experiencing slightly stronger than they thought. The conditions were fantastic for getting out and doing a bit of drifting. But once again, the fish were proving to be elusive even though they can be seen moving through the water all over the lake.

Friday and Saturday seen the Mercury rise on the thermometer making the chances of taking fish in the upper layers extremely challenging. There was still the occasional fish breaking the surface. There are a number of theories as to why the fish were crashing around in the surface. But those that persevered with dries struggled to get a pull on their line. Some were fortunate enough to pick fish up on nymphs on sink tip lines. However, those that were a bit more daring and employed the use of Di5 and Di7 lines with fry patterns were picking fish up over the deep water.

Sunday saw Eyebrook play host to the Midland Counties cup where 12 boats with 24 anglers ventured out on to the water. Most of the fleet were around the main basin area and fishing all manner of lines and flies. Mark Redfern was top rod. He weighed in his 6 fish limit for 12lbs 10oz. His boat partner Rich Miller also caught his 6 fish limit making them the only boated pair to catch their limit. Outstanding angling in such challenging conditions. Ultimately the Foremark team were victorious with the team weighing in 24 fish between the 8-person team. The rod average for the 24 anglers was 2.3 which was a fantastic result considering Eyebrook has tested even the most seasoned of anglers in the past week.

Looking forward in to next week; the conditions are looking to be hot and bright with very little wind, ideal conditions for anglers that don’t normally fish Sinking lines to get out there and give them a go. With the sunny conditions expected, it is advisable to wear some sunblock and adequate protection from the elements.