Eyebrook Report Week Ending 11 July 21

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year with expected higher water temperatures at the Eyebrook we alter the average size of trout we stock. Our stocking policy for the Eyebrook is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Eyebrook – Leicestershire Trout Fishery

Week ending 11th July 21               Rod Average:3.1                  Water Temp: 20.5C

Monday saw a quiet start to the week with only a few boats venturing out to tackle our hard fighting and hard to temp trout. The cooler weather from the past couple of days have seen the fish start to come up in to the surface again and move out in to open water. Fishery Management Guide Andy Miller was out guiding David Powdrill. Between them, they put a good number of fish in the boat and reported lots of follows from some big Browns coming up from deep. They were mainly fishing sinking lines and olive or black snakes. David enjoyed his day out with Andy and learned a lot out on the water. Eyebrook manager Jim managed to venture out for a few hours in the evening and managed to tempt 13 to the boat on various methods and flies. Starting on a 6-foot slow sink tip line and hen switching to a full floating line, he caught on dries, damsels and FABs, catching in the main basin, mucky bay and Sam’s Dyke

Good sport continued on Tuesday with a rod average approaching 9. Ian Jobe and Clive Moore took over 20 to the boat, and a comprehensive report by Clive can be found on the Eyebrook fly fishers face book page. Lyndsey Bates was also on the water and has 9, whilst Tim Coles had 6. Wednesday was very quiet, due to a combination of adverse weather conditions and the football, whilst Thursday was a lot better with some good catches being recorded. Top rod was season ticket holder, Mr Havard who fished the washing line, with the Tequila Blob on the point accounting for all of his 11 fish. Damsels also accounted for fish as did crunchers and pin fry patterns.

Friday proved too be a difficult day with little wind and hot humid conditions. With fish moving all over the main basin, especially in Harrison’s corner, it looked to be a red-letter day, but the trout thought differently. They were feasting on the prolific damsel hatch as well as the shoals of pin fry and fish were hard to come by, the daily rod average being one. Brian White did well though, taking 10 using a uv cruncher just sub surface, whilst Paul Haymer, fishing the first day of his 3-day break took 4 on a white Humungus.

Saturday continued with similar conditions to the Friday. Lots of fish activity in and around the surface, but anglers having that difficulty of making the fish stick or even take. A few anglers were saying that they were getting lots of follows but the fish were turning away as soon as they got near the boat. C Farrell had a great day out in the float tube and managed to land 9 fish. Eyebrook Season ticket holder M Farrell landed 7, as did M E Parsley. Fantastic angling considering the fish are being exceptionally pernickety at the moment.

Sunday started off bright and quite humid. As the morning moved on, the clouds started to give our anglers some welcome shade from the bright sunshine. Andy Miller was once again out on the water guiding Mr Will McKeague. A very keen Sea Angler who wanted to try something a little bit different. He managed a lovely brace of trout in challenging conditions. We were also joined by the Colwick Fly fishers, they enjoyed varying levels of success, but the biggest surprise was for Kez Saxton who landed a large Brown estimated to be around the 10lbs mark. Ewan McGregor Joined us for the second day of his 2 day package and managed 7 fish to the boat. But once  again, Mark Hunt had a spectacular day out fishing a single grunter to catch well in to double figures. Once again showing how good a dry fly angler he is. Well done Mark.

This past week has seen the fishery staff working hard to clear out a lot of areas on the Rutland bank to enable our anglers to get easier access to the water. If you are venturing up that bank next week, no doubt you will come across members of the fishery staff out strimming back more of the undergrowth to help get you access out in to the areas that have not seen as much angler attention this season.