Eyebrook Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 4th July 21

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Week ending 4th July 21                 Rod Average: 3.2                 Water Temp: 19C

Cool and damp conditions welcomed our anglers at Eyebrook at the start of this week. Following on from a challenging week, Season ticket holders R Swinfield and L Bates were the first pair off the pontoon. The fishing was still proving a little bit challenging, but the duo worked well together to figure out what the fish were doing and each of them finally brought 5 fish to the boat. Emad and Mahmoud fancied a change from fishing Draycote and ventured out on the lake, they managed 8 to the boat and were happy with the result knowing how challenging it has been lately. All water ticket holder Ian Jobe ventured out on his float tube and put in a hard shift on the water fighting against quite a stiff breeze. He managed 5 to the tube. Reporting back, he said that fishing a floater was too high for them and a Di7 was taking his flies down too quick. Lesson learned was to bring a couple of lines to fish those in between depths.

The drop in water temperature has started to show a little bit of improvement on the fish coming up in the water. N Benjamin and I Simmons were on their second day of a 3-day package where they managed to bring 8 fish to the boat. Most other boats were starting to catch steady numbers. But all water ticket holder Mark Hunt took to the water late in the afternoon to educate his brother Simon on the finer details of fishing the dry fly. Mark managed a whopping baker’s dozen to the boat on CDC’s Big Red and Grunter patterns when he noticed that there were a lot of little sedge’s coming off the water. Mark reported back that the fish were mostly coming blind to the dries. This shows that the fish are cruising around close to the surface and opportunistically feeding on surface patterns. Good news for most of our visitors who enjoy fishing those upper layers and fishing dries. Hopefully as the week moves forward, we will be getting back to what Eyebrook has a reputation for, fantastic top of the water sport.

For the next few days, the fishing followed the same sort of form. Some anglers were faring better than others, but those that found fish early in their session on the water, took advantage and hung around those areas to tempt a few fish out. D Hussey was doing well fishing PTN and managed 8 to the boat. All water ticket holder N Shilton had another great day out on the Float tube by landing 11 fish. With Thursday being quite a hot bright day, Eyebrook fished really well in those conditions.

Friday started off as a cool and misty morning with a gentle ripple on the lake. Our anglers were looking forward to a nice, settled morning on the water. The sport continued to prove challenging, and a lot of anglers just couldn’t make the connection. Those that did were fishing small crunchers or buzzers just under the surface, occasionally, fish were coming to the dries All water ticket holder Ed Douglas and Eyebrook season ticket holder Mick Farrell were the only anglers to get in to double figures that day.

Saturday seemed to be a really good day. A lot of the anglers were getting in to a few fish out along by the tower and along the dam to Harrison’s corner. A lot of fish were falling to size 14 CDC’s or Big Red’s. Those that preferred a more direct approach were picking up fish by pulling Olive snakes. All water ticket holders John kirk and Mark Hunt had more than double figures of fish to the boat. John worked his way through different patterns to find the right selection to land the fish. Mark turned to his intricate and detailed knowledge of Eyebrook to expertly tempt the fish on dries once again. Obviously, his great catch return is a reflection on the time he has spent perfecting fishing this method.

As the week drew to a close, it was evident to see that the Rod average was starting to climb again after the hot spell had knocked everything off kilter. With only 6 anglers out on the Sunday, the returns were impressive, giving us a Rod average of 6. A Majority of fish were taken on Dries or on small crunchers and damsel nymphs along the dam wall area.