Eyebrook weekly fishing report 18th Oct 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 18th October 2020

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A colder and still morning ushered in the week which seen a few boats heading out in the morning. Roy Swinfield and Lindsay bates opted for a session from the bank and headed for the Island area. Roy had the better day on the bank managing to net 11 fish. It’s good to see that the bank is starting to produce even more fish lately. M. Burdett & M. Draper had a great day out with both of them getting in to double figures. I. Brearley had 5 fish to his wheeley boat on floating fry patterns. Ian Jobe once again braved the colder conditions in his float tube and managed 2 good sized browns, 3 rainbows and eventually a pike around 15lbs. Ian was trying to target the larger fish by using a Di7 and minkie’s or fry patterns.

Tuesday started off as a cold damp morning with ideal wind speeds for a pleasure day out on the water. Despite the conditions being near perfect, it was a very quiets day with only a few boats out. Eyebrook Season ticket holder Tim Coles had a good day out landing 5 fish and having plenty of other offers during the day. Peter Harris had 4 just off the netted bank area and had a lot of other attention but just couldn’t get them to stick. Jim Wright the fishery manager went out after his shift for a few hours and found fish just at the top side of Robbo’s cabin. Fishing a booby basher line with a couple of minkie boobies, he managed a decent sized rainbow. Then hooked into a large Brown that took off like a torpedo, broke the surface and then subsequently broke 12lbs Fluorocarbon. He then went on to land a further 4 fish after changing to a midge tip with a couple of nymphs and a candy cat booby on the point. The fish were slamming into the booby on the point, but a lot of fish just wouldn’t stick.

Wednesday saw quite a few boats out on the water and among them were All water ticket holders Ged O’Donoghue and Steve Orton. Between them they managed over 20 fish to the boat using a variety of flies. From fishing dries and daddies to fishing blobs, minkie’s and fry patterns. Lots of anglers are reporting that fish are still taking buzzers as well as the bigger lures and fry patterns.

Thursday saw us with another cold northerly wind which was ideal for drifting along on to the bank at Robbo’s cabin and the Willows area. It was also ideal for right-handed anglers to fish off of the Island. Eyebrook Season ticket holder Roy Swinfield fished these conditions to great effect by landing over a dozen fish. Roy eventually called it a day after losing a large Brown that he could not get in his net. It was evident that Roy was absolutely gutted when he was telling us about it. Our boat anglers were doing well at the other side of the open water with T. O’Hare brining 9 to the boat. But the day was far from over. Jeff Crowden finished work early and decided to go out for a last 4 hours on the boat. Having never caught a large brown from Eyebrook, he decided to have a go and see what he could catch. Obviously, the fishing God’s were smiling on Jeff and gifted him a fantastic specimen of 12lbs 8oz. He called the lodge for a witness and verification of the weight of the fish. Absolutely outstanding Jeff.

Friday saw similar conditions although the wind abated during the afternoon. All water ticket holder Ged O’Donoghue had his second visit of the week and caught 9, pulling a Barron’s fly with a blob on the dropper whilst Mark Hunt had an afternoon boat, headed over to the calmer water by the willows where there was a good buzzer hatch. Fishing his favoured dries, he took 8 on CDC yellow owls. Rob Grimshaw and two friends were with us for the first of their three days and took 11 between them. Top boat of the day though was Mr Skins and his son who netted 15 fish.

The conditions were again similar on Saturday, with the wind still coming from the north although it was a lot more comfortable, top wind speed being about 6 miles per hour. Roy Swinfield once again had a good day from the bank netting 10 fish up by the Island. Dave Etty joined him later on to net 4. On Day 2 of their 3-day package, Rob Grimshaw’s party had a really good day out in the boats by netting 33 fish between them. Giving their group a rod average of 11. Eyebrook ranger Jason spent the morning out on the water chasing some of our predators and was over the moon when he landed a nice Brown weighing in at 7lbs 8oz. As the weed is starting to drop off and the water temperatures are dropping, we are finding that there are some bigger fish starting to show and they are taking fry patterns. If you are targeting the larger fry feeders, just be aware that there are some really large trout out there as well as some really big pike.

Sunday was another still day on the water. Mark Goodge and the All Abilities Fly-fishers gathered a small cohort for a day out on the water, and the conditions were a polar opposite from their last visit. Being such a still day, it made it difficult for boats to drift through areas to locate fish. Eyebrook season ticket holders S. Lawrence and D. Chadwick managed to work out the right method and flies on the day by brining 25 fish to the boat. Apparently, the fish were taking cats whisker fished on a Di5 and rollie poly retrieve. Reports are starting to come in that the fish have been readily taking small fry patterns. Either with dumbbell eyes on floating lines or with booby eyed on an intermediate/sinking line.

Now that the fish are taking fry, we have put together a limited-edition fly selection at Eyebrook for targeting the fish feeding on fry. So, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Given the success of daddies for the past few months, fishery staff have put together a bespoke collection of the most successful daddy patterns. These cost £13.50 ( a 10%saving) and are available either direct from the lodge or on line at https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/eyebrook-daddy-selection/

Keep an eye out for up and coming fly selections in the future.

Rod average for the week: 3.11


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