Eyebrook fishing report 23rd August

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 23rd August 2020

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As cooler conditions start to roll in this week, the water temperatures have started to lower due to the heavy deluge of rain that we have been experiencing. Monday was a bit of a washout due to the conditions and the humidity which never helped any of our anglers out on the water.

As Tuesday kicks off, we had nice gentle breezes and an overcast sky. The water temperature was getting close to 20 degrees and we were all of the opinion that the fish were going to come on to the feed really soon. First back in on the day was Bill Law with 5 fish, Bill likes to just fish the morning sessions and usually finishes till lunch time. At this time of year a 5 fish bag is a really good bag. We then received a call from Boat 26. Eyebrook Season ticket holder Simon K had successfully played and netted a very large Rainbow estimated in the region of approximately 12lbs. Simon had taken care to make sure the fish was undamaged and nursed it well to make sure it would return to fight for another day. As Simon attempted to lift the prize fish for a photo, it kicked out and made a dive straight to the depths to recover.

Wednesday & the change in weather is certainly having a positive impact on the Eyebrook with the rod average jumping to 13.5

Father & Son A & R Thomas picked the perfect day to start their two day break catching well into double figures as Mr Dickens & All Water Members Ian Jobe & Clive Moore. The main basin in front of the dam is holding a large number of trout with anglers catching on daddies, cdc & buzzers great top of the water sport.

Thursday at 7.30am with the air temperature noticeably cooler at 15c and the water at 19c we can once again resume our fly fishing for the Pike. With those temperatures we were expecting another good days trout fishing. Father & son A & R Thomas fished buzzers to boat 22 trout with All Water Member L Bates & Eyebrook member R Swinfield catching 22 for their day, with S Normington bank fishing from the platforms to take 4 fish off the bank. Boats yet again found good numbers of trout over the deeper water from the valve tower across to Harrisons. Floating lines generally best with Hoppers, cdc, buzzers & daddies

Friday the forecast storm arrived, all boats cancelled due to wind speeds exceeding our operating limit of 25mph.

Saturday still providing strong winds, but they are holding at around 20 mph. Even with strong winds, the Leicester bank is more than fishable from an anchored boat. J Unick and his party called first thing in the morning to see if they could move their Tuesday booking to the Saturday for their 2nd day of a 2 day package. J Unick managed a respectable 6 to the boat on blobs but his party member S Miller managed 8 fish to the boat in relatively challenging conditions. They spent most of the day drifting the main basin drifting between dogwood bay and the platforms to Harrisons corner and the netted bank with most of the fish falling to blobs.

Sunday provided our Anglers with fantastic conditions in the morning, but later in the day the experienced some really heavy downpours. Ed Douglas and Jim Smith had an awesome day out bringing 30 fish to the boat on dries or washing line method out in the main basin area. Resident fish whisperer Mark Hunt tempted 8 fish to the boat on a morning session fishing Sedgehog patterns. John Hanlon and son Sean ventured out to bring 16 fish to the boat fishing dries or a slow sinking intermediate (SSI) line with nymphs and boobies. Sean reported back that a few fish had pike damage which tells us that the larger ladies in the lake are coming on to the feed. Hopefully, this will be good news for our pike anglers as we can now reinstate pike angling because our water temperatures have dropped to 19 degrees and been holding steady for the past couple of days

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Rod average for the week: 5.1

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