Eyebrook Fishing Report 16th August

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 16th August 2020

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After a prolonged period of hot and sunny weather, the surface temperature on Eyebrook has been sitting at 21 degrees for a few days now and is obviously making the fish a little bit lethargic. Despite the temperatures, there are still plenty of fish moving near the surface out in open water that are still feeding in the surface layers. However, trying to catch them still remains challenging. Ant Hooton had a guided day out with A. Miller and managed to catch out on open drifts in the main basin area. A really good effort considering he was a complete novice at fly fishing, and the conditions have been a bit tough lately. We hope to see Ant back in the future to hone the skills he has learned from Andy. Season ticket holder Bill Stewart was treated to a day out on the water by his son Ian. Ian is more into his coarse angling but manage to catch on an Aps Bloodworm and Bill had one in the surface layers fishing Diawl bachs on a washing line. Fishery manager Jim ventured out after work and managed to land 1 good fish which came to a CDC while fishing the wind lanes on the water.

Another warm day here at Eyebrook, with the water temperature starting the day at 23 degrees, the outlook for the day was not great, as result we only had a few anglers out. Fishery Management UK guide Lee Henfrey fished with former Draycote manager Kevin Hart. The pair landed 8 fish, with 6 of them coming to dry daddies and Lee taking 2 on a Di 5 and a snake. Lee commented that they had lots of fish coming and looking at the flies and swirling, enough to land double figures each and that even in the heat dries seemed to be the best tactics. Lee & Kevin found the fish drifting from Harrison’s Corner out into the main basin and out from the second set of steps along the Dam. All water member Paul Walker also fished from the boat landing 3 fish on Diawl Bach’s from the Main Basin.

The hot days showed no signs of letting up Wednesday with water temperatures starting at 23 degrees once again and air temperatures reaching 32c. Eyebrook season ticket holder Bill Law fished the morning to land 2 fish on small CDC lures with a tungsten bead fished on a floating line in the main basin with a quick retrieve. Wednesday regulars Clive Moore & Ian Jobe landed 8 fish between them with the majority coming in the afternoon using a DI 8 sinking line and a booby fished on a short leader. Clive & Ian found the fish around the Main Basin towards the steps on the dam wall.

With another hot day in prospect on Thursday, those anglers who were due to fish decided to change their bookings to another, hopefully cooler day. This resulted in no anglers fishing, which allowed the staff to enjoy a rare early finish.

Friday was a bit cooler day and although only 2 boats ventured out, they both found feeding fish. Mark Hunt was out in the morning cathing seven, using both daddies sand CDC’s whilst Craig and Stu Richards landed three on black and green patterns fishing the three trees area.

Saturday saw anglers on the boats, on the banks and in their float tubes. Neil Shilton caught four from his float tube whilst Dave Chadwick caught two fishing the netted bank. The boats found conditions hard despite the cooler weather and intermittent drizzle. Top boat catch taken by Martin Peat and his partner who pulled bobbies through the waves, resulting in numerous fish chasing and swirling, but frustratingly only converting this interest four fish in the bass bag.

Sunday was another hot humid day, with the surface water temperature at 7.30 am still at 21 degrees. Given that this is the same as the start of the week and the impact this has had on the fish,

it wasn’t really surprising that it was a quiet day. Steve Dutton want afloat in his tube and

Dave Chadwick fished the bank

Two boats went out, but unfortunately the fish were not eager to put in and appearance no matter what was thrown at them.

With blistering humid sunshine, then torrential rain with thunder and lightning. This weather has truly played havoc with the fishes feeding habits and only the brave few anglers who ventured out were rewarded.

Looking forward in to the up and coming week, the conditions are looking to improve for fishing. But Eyebrook currently has 18 of her boats on loan to Draycote till the 23rd of August, so prior booking is a must to guarantee a boat.

Given the success of daddies for the past few weeks, fishery staff have put together a bespoke collection of the most successful daddy patterns. These cost £13.50 ( a 10%saving) and are available either direct from the lodge or on line at https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/eyebrook-daddy-selection/

Keep an eye out for up and coming fly selections in the future.

Rod average for the week: 1

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