Eyebrook Report 19th July 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 19th July 2020

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A great weeks fishing at the Eyebrook for the time of year with a rod average 3.0

Weed is starting to show along some of the shallower margins, anglers are fishing above the weed as the trout are on the outside edge, unusually for the Eyebrook during July the bank some days has out fished the boats with some bank anglers getting in double figure catches.

Monday started us off with a moderate north westerly wind blowing from Sam’s Dyke towards Robbo’s cabin. The day started off quite mild, but the humidity started to climb as the morning progressed. As we moved into the afternoon the wind started to pick up slightly and there were a few shower spells. S Conway and S Conway had a fantastic day out on the water fishing CDC’s and yellow owls to get them well in excess of double figures each to the boat, making them top boat on the day. The fish seem to be just holding off the weedbeds all the way from Sam’s Dyke to Dogwood bay. Rod average for the day was 4.5.

Tuesday started off a bit damp after a night of rain and presented us with an overcast morning with a North Westerly wind at 10 mph which steadily climbed as the day progressed. First Angler back in before lunch time was local legend and season ticket holder, Bill Law who managed 10 fish to the bank in a great morning session. Bill was fishing small CDC’s with a booby on the point. The fish were either taking the CDC’s or just running away with the booby. Long-time boat partners and Eyebrook season ticket holders Bill Whittle and Rob Watson had another great morning boat session bringing 10 and 6 to the boat, respectively. To change things up a bit, Mr Mathews and Mr Bissett offered the fish something a little different and managed to bring a dozen fish to the boat using Dabblers, Soldier Palmers and FAB’s. Fish are still holding just on the lake side of the weedbeds. Obviously with the weed coming up, the conditions favour the boat anglers, but Bill Law has shown that the fish can still be taken from the bank.

Mr Birtwhistle fly fishing for the pike gad a quite day with one follow from a jack pike, that all changed when he had a take and successfully landed a 31lb5oz pike, photo on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

Another day of great conditions Wednesday, with overcast skies all day. David Parker fished around the Bell from a boat using a washing line to take 9 fish with most of the fish taking the FAB on the point. All water season ticket holders Ian Jobe and Clive Moore enjoyed a good day afloat with the pair landing their fish on either a washing line or dries fishing around Sam’s Dyke and off the Hawthorns. The boat paring of J Thompson & R Bright used a mix of dries and washing line to take 8 fish between them, firstly using big reds in the morning. Then later using a Blakeston Buzzer fished on a washing line in the afternoon. Dick Spicer also used a washing line, to take his 7 fish, although Dick found it was a green buzzer doing the damage. All water season ticket holder Norman Perkins fished over the open water in the main basin fishing with suspender Diawl Bachs to take his 5 fish. A trickier day for the bank anglers than in previous days with the few bank anglers taking fish from the Hawthorns to Sam’s Dyke.

As Thursday arrived, so did Mr Bill Law with his little magic CDC’s again. Bill headed straight to the same hot spot he had fished a few days before and was not disappointed. Fishing his size 12 and size 14 CDC’s, he managed about half a dozen fish in about 45 minutes. Bill finished up his morning session with 12 fish to the net. All water ticket holder Jim Greasley managed 8 good hard fighting trout fishing dries from a boat, making him the top individual boat rod on the day. All water ticket holder Steve Orton also had a good day out on the water fishing yellow owls and bibio hoppers out in open water in the wind lanes to snare a good half dozen fish. The mornings seem to be fishing better than the afternoon and evenings at the moment and the change in wind direction seems to have had some effect on the fish feeding.

As the weekend approaches and Friday begins, the cloud cover that was providing ideal sorts of conditions has started to fade away, the temperatures and humidity seem to be on the rise as well. Despite the bright sunshine and temperatures rising, Stewart Normington managed an impressive 10 fish to the bank fishing dries and buzzers throughout the day. All water ticket holder and Eyebrook regular Mark hunt headed out on the water with his brother. Mark said it was a hard day but between them they managed to bring 10 fish to the boat fishing CDC’s. Mr S Dutton ventured out in the afternoon and managed 7 trout the boat as well as a couple of perch and a bleak. Mr Dutton was fishing a washing line with Diawl Bachs and a FAB with most of the fish coming to the FAB.

Saturday and the conditions have reverted back to being overcast with a gentle breeze from the north west & again the bank continued to out fish the boats with Eyebrook season ticket holders Dave Chadwick and Dave Etty managing to bring 10 fish to the bank each by fishing foam daddies and CDC’s over the weedbeds between the casting platforms and the hawthorns. Mr Ky Ly managed a cool 10 fish to the float tube during his visit with fellow float tube enthusiast and DCAC member John Lewis who managed 4. The cooler spell of weather has definitely helped with the fishing today.

Sunday, and with the wind continuing to come in from the North, it makes it ideal for a drift from Sam’s Dyke to Dogwood bay. But just remember, if you are drifting along the bank, be aware of anchored boats and bank anglers and always try to leave them at least 50m space. Malcolm Thompson caught 6 whilst Bank fishing with Neil Shilton taking to his tube to catch 11, water clarity is excellent.

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