Eyebrook Weekly Report 12th July 2020

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Eyebrook Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: Sunday 12th July 2020

Another good July week for the Eyebrook with a rod average 3.9

The week started the way the previous finished with a windy day, which made presentation a little challenging at times. Eyebrook season ticket holder Steve Kolkowski enjoyed a great days sport landing 11 fish all on winged hares ears fishing around the Main Basin and towards the Island. Matt Kingston & Adam Langley enjoyed a last four-hour session on the boat using dry daddies to land 3 apiece around the Main Basin. Utilising a float tube through the main basin Mr T Milano landed 5 fish, on a washing line set up using a floating line.

As Tuesday started, our anglers were met with mild conditions that were very near perfect. Eyebrook manager Jim finally pulled himself away from his duties to enjoy a morning session out on the water and was rewarded with 8 good hard fighting fish to the boat in about an hour whilst fishing yellow owl’s just off the weedbeds at Sam’s Dyke area. The conditions were perfect for the float tubers and all of the anglers who ventured out in tubes had in excess of 8 fish each. All falling to a variety of flies from hoppers and daddies to blobs and boobies. Moral was high in the lodge thanks to Mr Gordon Wignall dropping off a delicious coffee and walnut cake for the lodge staff to enjoy with a brew.

Wednesday arrived with conditions well suited to the float tubers and this was evident as Mr N Shilton managed yet another bumper day out on the water bringing well in excess of double figures of fish to the tube. Mr Mathews and Mr Bissett had another good day with 20 fish to the boat between them fishing Damsels and Diawl Bachs between Sam’s dyke and the point of the Island. As the weedbeds are starting to grow, it is clear to see that the fish are sitting just off the weedbeds away from the bank which is making life a little more difficult for our bank anglers.

As Thursday descended on us the conditions were wet and the wind was blowing down the reservoir towards the dam. We were joined by the Bull Fly fishers for a group day out. Top rods on the day for them were C McCormick and J Kitiling with 5 fish each to the boat. Mr P Havard managed to whittle out 6 to the boat fishing orange daddies then black buzzers just south of the Island. But top rod of the day goes to Mr Coups who tempted a dozen hard fighting fish to the boat from 12 o’clock onwards.

Friday was a busy day on the lake and word had spread that there was a good stamp of fish in and around the Sam’s dyke area of the lake. Best rod on the day was Eyebrook season ticket holder Simon K, who once again had a fantastic day getting well into double figures fishing his lake olive. Fishery manager Jim Wright managed to get out for a few hours out on the water between 10AM and 2PM and managed 8 to the boat, lost 4 in play and missed half a dozen other knocks. Most of the fish fell to an Olive pheasant tail buzzer fished between a FAB and a foam daddy on a floating line. The fish were feeding just below the surface and a couple of buoyant flies were essential to keep them high in the water.

Saturday was a lovely day with a gentle breeze but very little cloud cover. Despite the bright sunshine, most of our visitors managed between 4 and 6 fish a piece. Lee Henfrey managed a morning out on the water and tempted in a cool dozen to the boat. But once again, all water season ticket holder and dry fly aficionado Mark Hunt produces a dry fly masterclass by getting well into double figures on a last 4 hours outing fishing adult Damsels and CDC’s. Absolutely outstanding Mark.

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As the week drew to a close on Sunday, Jason Pusey, our young boatman and specimen/predator hunter ventured out for a morning in an effort to try and capture one of our resident big browns. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage a big brown but did have half a dozen large perch and a follow from a large brown from the depths. Local Regular Angler Olly Mills was top rod on the day managing to tempt 8 rainbows to the boat as well as a couple of large Perch. Although the top of the water sport has been quite prolific in the past few weeks, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the water temperatures. As the temperatures start to climb, the fish will more than likely start to drop through the water column to find the cooler water. so never discount using the midge tips and intermediate lines to find the depths that the fish are sitting in. as the weedbeds are growing, it is making the bank fishing that little bit harder, but fishing over the weedbeds with a single CDC/ yellow owl can really make the difference and tempt up fish that are feeding within the weedbeds.

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