Eyebrook Fishery News 13th October 2019

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Eyebrook Reservoir; Fishery report for week to 13h October 2019

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The fishing has continued to improve again this last week, and our water levels are now back to normal. Most areas of the reservoir has water with a reasonable six-foot visibility, although the occasional day with stronger winds like Friday and Sunday has seen some localised coloured water. Although we have had no frosts this week, the colder nights and mornings continues to push the fish onto the feed which has helped maintain the improvement in both the boat and bank returns.

Last week’s stocking of 1700 fish brought the total this season to 20,600, and with 4511 recorded killed, there is a balance of some 16,000 trout in the water. Our current rod average for the season is 3.7 and this has included some nice grown on trout with browns to 7lb & rainbows to 5lb caught over the last few weeks. Unlike last year when the trout seemed to stay over the deeper water of the main basin we are this year seeing fish starting to move into the Chestnut, Mucky Bay Sam’s Dyke and across and past Robbo’s down along the willows. This should give the bank anglers some good sport, and during the week, the staff have been on the banks cutting back this year’s growth of willows to open up more of the bank for the last few weeks of the season. They have been helped by students from Uppingham School who have volunteered to assist us with this task, something which has been greatly appreciated.

Despite the cold mornings, a lot of fish are lying within the top two foot of the water column and we continue to see fish moving on top which has encouraged anglers to fish patterns such as Midas, Yellow Owl, Hoppers and Daddies. Washing line techniques using FABs, crunchers, Diawl Bachs and Hares Ears are still successful. As is to be expected at this time of year, fish are falling to a variety of fry patterns including humungus, minkies, popper hoppers and snakes.

Monday was a slow day, with a strong breezy cold wind that deterred a few anglers. Mr Tranter and Mr Brewster continued where they left off on Sunday netting a further nine fish whilst on Tuesday, with in house guide, Tom Bird, they enjoyed an excellent day fishing boating over 40 fish using hoppers and boobies. Members Steve Key and Steve Robinson had 14 fish to their boat using Diawl Bachs and Minkie’s. In the afternoon, Matt Lane took to his tube and caught six on damsels and hoppers.

Mr Tranter and Mr Brewster finished their stay with us on the Wednesday morning by taking a further 12 fish to bring their four-day total to just under a hundred. Mark David and John Archibold netted 11, Roy Swinfield had 15 and Mr Johnson fished from the bank for his five fish, all of which contributed to a daily rod average of just under seven.

Thursday saw consistent sport throughout day for a daily rod average of just under four. Season ticket holder Bob Margery killed one and returned a further eight fish whist Adam Wallace and boat partner Bill Paterson had thirteen as did Mr Solomon. Further good catches were recorded on Friday to maintain the daily rod average of four fish. Successful flies included Claret Midas, Yellow Owl, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers. Snakes and Minkies were the successful patterns used by Ian Bradfield and Dave Davis for their bag of twenty plus fish. Mr Woolnough ventured up to the Chestnut and was rewarded with four fish on red Holo Diawl Bachs during his afternoon bank session.

The bad weather predicted for Saturday didn’t appear and instead we enjoyed an ideal day with overcast conditions and a moderate westerly wind. Ian Jobe capitalised on the conditions and took 16 from his tube whilst Matt Lane also out float tubing had eleven fish. Ian McLeod had eleven fish on daddies whilst Russel and Alan Crawford had 10 to their boat. The conditions were also to the liking of the pike with several double being caught whilst top pike was a lean mean twenty-four pounder caught by Guy Eldridge

Sunday saw the arrival of Saturday’s predicted bad weather with heavy rain and a strong blustery wind which, during the course of the day, veered 180 degrees from the east to finish as a westerly. Catches reflected the adverse conditions although there was a slight improvement during the afternoon. Ollie Mills and Jobe Burnham netted five whilst Mick Tracey’s party had three fish, the best being one of 2 and a quarter pounds caught by Steve Morley. Top fish though was the 14-pound pike caught by Mr Birtwistle


Pike Fishing

The influx of cooler water and an improvement in the visibility has switched the Pike onto the feed with some big doubles and twenty-pound fish being caught. Guy Eldridge had a fish of 24 pounds on Saturday. With the Eyebrook season closing on the 31st October these next two weeks could give us the right conditions to see another Eyebrook 30lb+ pike. Fly fishing only for the pike with pike boats restricted to 5 a day.
Date for your diary:
The Fur & Feather is on 27th October and due to the interest being shown, it will include both bank and boats. Booking is essential for both. The boats will be fished to a 12 fish boat limit fishing in pairs, fished to fisheries rules no rudders. There will also be a separate bank section. Prizes Winning Pair/ bank :Christmas Hamper Each, 2nd 4 bottles Christmas Wine, 3rd Prize Box Chocolates each, Biggest Fish Bottle Port, Cost 6 Fish Comp Permit £26.00 Comp Boat £15.00 Bacon Roll  on arrival with soup & roll at the weighing, collection will be made for the English Disabled Fly Fishers Association call the lodge to book your boat or bank session on 01536 770264.

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Weekly Stats:  
Number Rods:  140 Number Trout Taken:71    Number Trout Released: 431

Total Catch: 502  Rod Average: 3.6

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