Eyebrook Weekly Report W/E 29th September 2019

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Eyebrook Reservoir; Fishery report for week to 29th September 2019

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A mixed week here at Eyebrook which has defiantly seen the arrival of the autumnal weather with strong winds and huge amounts of rain at several times during the week. This change in the weather seemed to knock the fish off at the backend of the week. However, there was still some good sport to be had fishing dries and flies fished in the top few feet of the water column. Overall a total of 222 anglers visited the fishery landing a total of 577 fish for a weekly rod average of 2.59.

The week started well with a 3.5 rod average with the best tactic being a floating line teamed with either dries or boobies. Season ticket holder Bill Law landed 5 fish all on boobies fished on a floating line with nearly all the fish taking them off the top. Another season ticket holder doing well, K Johnson landed 10 fish all on orange hoppers from the Main Basin.

The heavens open Tuesday with torrential rain for most of the morning, while it proved to be a very wet day for the anglers, the fish really responded well. With the rod average for the at 4.67, the best catches came from the anglers practicing for the Police Pair the following day. Phil Sadler & Tim Strachan landed 26 fish between them using a mix of dries and washing line. Another angler who caught well was Mick Cartlidge who landed 26 fish pulling on blobs and cormorants pulling on intermediate line again fishing around the Main Basin.

When it came to the match day on Wednesday the fish unfortunately didn’t want to pull in the same way they had the day before. The Police Pair averaged 2.75 which just showed what a difference a day can make to the fishing. Out of the 18 pair, 6 landed their 8 fish limits with no time bonus it was all down to bag weight on the day. Winning the day Garrick Stafford & Rodger Symons with 8 fish for 16lb 5oz, the pair found that a tequila FAB and a sparkler booby fished on either a midge tip when the cloud was out or an intermediate when the sun came out in the afternoon. Other successful pairs found the fish keen to take daddy longlegs or a washing line on a floater or midge tip with crunchers and FABS being the successful flies. The best fish of the competition of the was a fantastic Rainbow caught by Carren Tate weighting 3lb 12oz. Outside of the competition all water season ticket holder Neil Shilton enjoyed a great day’s sport from his float tube landing 17 fish. Neil paddled most of the reservoir and caught on daddies and nymphs on a washing line.

A trickier day Thursday with the fish not wanting to play ball for the most part, however, all water member Paul Walker. Used dries and Diawl Bachs to boat 22 fish with Pauls, best area being around the main basin. Mr T Tibbert used a black green on a Di 3 in the main basin to land 6 fish.

Dries was the order of the day Friday, season ticket holder M Farrell. Landed 10 fish all on Claret Midas fishing them around the main basin, with short casts the key to his success. Another season ticker holder who used dries was Mark Hunt who enjoyed great sport taking advantage of a last 4-hour boat to land 4 fish along with lots of other chances on dries. On the bank Sam Smith fished for the afternoon to land 6 fish all on popper minkie, showing that the fish are starting to turn their attention onto the fry.

The weekend saw yet more rain with the reservoir rising as a result. The heavy rain mixed with the strong gusty winds made the fishing Saturday a real challenge for the anglers who braved the weather. One angler who did buck the trend of fishing the fishing a challenge. Was, Matt Lane who fished for just 3 hours in the evening from his float tube landing 6 fish all on Daddies around the back of the valve tower. The winds dropped Sunday, but, the heavy rain remained with there only being a couple of hours where it didn’t rain all day. Taking to the water Sunday, The All Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers fished a pairs competition for the Unfinished Fly Trophy. Winning the day was Paul Davison & Ian Bradfield who fished dries drifting from the Valve Tower across to Weedcutter Bay and Harrison Corner. Outside the competition the boat of Terry Bayes & Frazer Duffy who landed 13 fish between them drifting from the Leicester Bank across to through the main basin on a mix of dries and washing line.


Pike Fishing

Sunday saw the Pike switch on with Dermot Ogle landing 4 fish to 23lb 4oz with a couple of jacks also caught, it seems that the influx of cooler water has switched the Pike onto the feed. The Eyebrook season closing on the 31st October these next few weeks could give us the right conditions to see another Eyebrook 30lb+ pike. Fly fishing only for the pike with pike boats restricted to 5 a day.
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Fur & Feather 27th October fished to a 12 fish limit to the boat fishing in pairs, fished to fisheries rules no rudders. Prizes Winning Pair Christmas Hamper Each, 2nd 4 bottles Christmas Wine, 3rd Prize Box Chocolates each, Biggest Fish Bottle Port, Cost 6 Fish Comp Permit £26.00 Comp Boat £15.00 Bacon Roll  on arrival with soup & roll at the weighing, collection will be made for the English Disabled Fly Fishers Association call the lodge to book your boat on 01536 770264.

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Weekly Stats:  
Number Rods:  222  Number Trout Taken:     212

Number Trout Released: 365 Total Catch:  577 Rod Average: 2.59

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