Eyebrook weekly report 14th July 2019

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Eyebrook Reservoir; Weekly report week ending 14thh July 2019

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Special offer- This week’s special offer is a selection of snakes. They can be a controversial pattern, with opinion’s divided. For some, their go to pattern, other’s, a last resort if the trout aren’t quite pulling but for some, they are the work of the devil and should not be used at any costs. However, they can be devastatingly effective., especially at this time of the year as the water is warming up. At all our fisheries, the fish are responding well to snakes fished on sinking lines, so our in-house guide, sunk line expert and snake fly lover, Lee Henfrey, has put together a selection of his 5 best snake patterns. Normally £15 for a set of 10 flies, we are offering a 10% discount, so you can get them for £13.50 including delivery. Check out www.flyfishstore.co.uk/offers to take advantage of this great deal.

Weather Forecasts: Were often asked which weather forecast we use, from our experience unfortunately we no longer find the BBC regional one to be accurate enough, with too many days lost to inaccurate local forecast. We recommend for Eyebrook you use XC Weather available as an App on your phone or download to your computer, put in the fisheries postcode LE16 8RP

Another week of varied summer conditions with warm sunny days and light winds interspersed with overcast conditions and showers, some of which were quite heavy. The local insect life continues to hatch off in large numbers with sedges, damsels and caenis to the fore. The fish are continuing to make the most of nature’s larder, becoming preoccupied with the abundance of natural food items. Anglers are still reporting lots of fish all over the fishery, from the dam, Robbo’s, Hawthorns, Sam’s Dyke, Mucky Bay and down Stoke Dry. We have recorded water temperatures in excess of 20 degrees all this week, so it is not surprising that we are finding that a lot of the fish in the main basin have now gone deep. The most successful tactic to target these fish has been to use a fast sinking line and large lure patterns, although buzzers fished on a long leader has also worked. Fish are being caught in and around the marginal weed beds, especially in Sam’s dyke, and down towards Dogswood Bay. Static dries (especially damsels and Hoppers) fished in and adjacent to the weed beds being the preferred tactic although buzzers fished under a bung adjacent to the weed bed has also worked.

Season ticket holders Roy Swinfield and Lyndsey Bates landed four during their Monday morning visit whilst Ollie Mills used a fast sinking line and a black snake, to good effect, recording the best bag of fish this week. He landed 10 fish, one of which was a lovely marked brownie that weighed in at just over seven pounds. Staff member Toff Crowther also ventured out before his afternoon shift and used a DI8 to good effect netting 4 rainbows. Toff joined Ollie on Tuesday and they used the same tactics to record 13 fish between them, with the best fish landed being Toffs nine-pound four-ounce brownie. Both of these big brownies were returned safely, and photos can be found on our Facebook page

Wednesday saw a few more anglers catching fish with Clive Moore netting three and Mr Russel and his boat partner Mr Munroe taking 5 to their boat. Ollie Mills returned again and took 6 rainbows during his morning session. Deep fished snakes again being his successful tactic. He continued where he left off on Thursday morning, this time landing a further six rainbows, again on snakes fished deep on a DI7. Ian Jobe fished from his float tube and took six fish. Malcolm Thompson targeted the fish feeding in the marginal weed beds and landed three as did staff member Tom Bird who took four fish on CDC’s during a short afternoon session.

Friday was quite a hard day although Mark Hunt fished Amber Hoppers and dry Damsels in the weed beds in and around Sam’s Dyke and netted six fish which proved to be the best catch of the day. Ollie Mills returned for the fifth consecutive day and once again used his favoured deep lure tactics in the main basin to account for four fish. Both the successful “Fulling Mill” dry Damsels and Snake’s are available to purchase at our online shop:- https://www.flyfishstore.co.uk/shop/category/fly-selections/

Saturday was another hard day although Mr Mailie and Mr Harris used deep fish buzzers in the main basin to take eight fish. Similar tactics accounted for four fish on Sunday morning for Mr Lane who fished this method from his float tube, whilst regular float tuber, Neil Shilton, accounted for another four.

Pike Fishing

The pike fishing continues in a similar trend to that of previous weeks with only the jacks willing to take and the odd larger fish following but then pulling away. Pike fishing will continue (water temperatures permitting) until we close the fishery on the 31st October. Pike fishing is fly only, is limited to a maximum of 5 boats per day and it is recommended that visiting pike anglers check the specific pike fishing regulations which can be found on the fishery website. This year we will also be offering guided pike fishing with our in-house guides. Further details are available on our guiding and Tuition website ( http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk) or by contacting our guiding manager Tom Bird on 01788 812018.

Guiding & Tuition.

Our guiding and Tuition website ( http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk) provides details of our beginners Tuition days at Eyebrook. We run a number of tuition days at the reservoir which are an ideal experience for any angler looking to take up the sport. This site will also provide details of this year’s boat handling courses as well as two courses aimed at anglers wishing to learn about the excellent sport provided by pike on the fly,

Guiding and tuition manager, Tom, and our in- house guide Lee, are both available for guiding. Full details can be found on our tuition face book page or by contacting our guiding and competition manager Tom Bird on 01788 812018. For the 2019 season the Guiding & Tuition team will be running a blog. The idea of this blog is to provide hints and tips from your guides to help keep you catching depending on the conditions, tackle reviews and write up of guiding sessions. To have a look at the blog, the latest being about fishing the washing line, please visit http://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/latest-report/


For a full listing of competitions at Eyebrook and for bookings please visit our website www.flyfisheyebroook.co.uk

Fishing Buddy Required

Novice fisherman requires a boat buddy for midweek fishing trips to Eyebrook two to three times a month between the hours 10am and 6pm. Contact John on 07811138274.

Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card from the lodge, once you have purchased 10 of the same permits, your next visit of that permit option is FREE valid at all three fisheries, Thornton, Draycote and Eyebrook

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 100 Number Trout Taken: 22   Number Trout Released; 96

Total Catch:  118   Weekly Rod Average: 1.18

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30 am till 21.45pm, Boat All Day: 08:30 to 21.45pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 15.00pm, Afternoon Boats: 15:00pm until 21.45pm

Last 4 Hours from: 17.45pm until 21.45pm (Tickets on sale from 17.30pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 22:00pm

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