Eyebrook Report W.e 24th June 2018

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Eyebrook Reservoir

Weekly report ending 24th June 2018

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Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 178   Number Trout Taken: 118 Number Trout Released: 392Total Catch: 558

Rod Average: 3.13

There has been some good sport to be had at Eyebrook this week. Water temperatures dropped with the strong winds we had and plenty of fish were caught on floating lines in or on the surface. Bank anglers have enjoyed some cracking sport in to he evenings with a prolific sedge hatch resulting in fish rising freely right into the margins once the light levels drop. Various patterns and methods have worked this with most anglers changing tactics throughout the day to suit conditions. During bright periods sinking lines with buzzers fished static or blobs and damsels working well. On the more favourable overcast days fish have been caught of red holographic Diawl Bachs on a floating line or small skinny buzzers, tied on a size 14 or 16 hook. Most boats drifted from the Leicester bank into deeper water for the start of the week and then found more concentrated numbers of fish in front of the dam wall at depth as the brighter calmer days returned.

Mr P Owens bank fished for an evening session. He arrived at the Fishery for 5.30 and was fishing on the bank soon after 6. He had great evenings sport fishing nymphs to start with then opting for dries as more fish started to show on the surface. He caught 9 fish for his short session. (Evening permits are £10 and anglers are intitled to kill one fish with unrestricted C&R, evening permits currently start at 6.00 and fishing finished at10.00pm)

Members Ian Jobe and Clive Moore boat fished mid-week in a strong north wind making the for rough water across the main basin. The deadly duo had a great day returning 20 fish to the boat. They caught on several methods but found foam daddies moved through the surface to be the most entertained as the fish bow waved behind the fly before rolling over it. The bank fished well into the evening once again. Kieth Johnson bank fished at the hawthorns and retuned 7 fish for his evening session. Kieth fished a washing line set up with small olive or brown nymphs tied similarly to a pheasant tail to tempt his fish.

Pike fishing started this week and proved to be the most productive start to the season we have seen at Eyebrook. (it might be because of all the trout we keep putting in) Several anglers reported capturing large fish. Fishery warden Jobe Burnham and pike guide had his first outing of the season on Wednesday. It was a slow start with only one Jack before 10 o’clock. With a change of location Jobe found the feeding fish and had an exceptional two hours sport. Jobe netted a fish of 28lb 10oz, which was a personal best for him and the Eyebrook record only to hook into a 31lb monster a few casts later. After that, like a light switch the fish turned off and the afternoon was a long 8 hours. Jobe is available for guiding please call him at the lodge for further information. Please be aware that will not allow pike fishing with water temperatures above 17 degrees. We advise all anglers to contact the lodge before making their trip.

Thursday fished exceptionally well for the time of year. Wednesday strong winds certainly got the fish more active. Mr Haken and MR Smith returned over a dozen fish that ll came to a foam daddy. Mr Thompson bank fished and caught 6 fish on a small damsel pattern fished on a dloating line. MR David Hay fished the veening from a boat and returned 4 fish that came to a size 12 dry sedge pattern.

Conditions became more challenging into the weekend with extremely bright conditions and temperatures rising. Most anglers opted for sinking lines or a long midge tip to fish nymphs. Jamie Scott netted 7 fish that took damsel and blobs fished on a fast sinking line. Mr Ware fished for a short evening session off the Island. At first he could see rising fish just beyond his cast but at as the evening progressed the fish moved in the shallow water and he was delighted to catch 5 fish well grown on rainbows the biggest of whish was close to 4lbs. All his fish took a size 12 black CDC.

Eyebrook is extremely busy this week with the Disabled International and the Angling Trust 6 man team loch style competition, therefore there will be limited boat availability.

Here at Eyebrook we look forward to hosting the New for the 2018, boat tuition days. These days are run to a similar format as the popular bank tuition days, with the difference being that the fishing is taught from a boat. In this section instructors will show participants the correct way to start & drive the boat, anchoring , drifting and boat etiquette.  This is a perfect chance to learn to boat fish just in time for the warmer temperatures pushing the fish towards the middle. To book a place for the upcoming date at Eyebrook on Saturday 14th July please visit www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/prices


Eyebrook Tuition dates 2018

Saturday 14th July (boat course). Sunday 12th August (Boat Course) Saturday 8th September, Sunday 7th October.

Eyebrook is the venue for this years Disabled international. The two-day event will take place on 26th and 27th June. We are currently looking for boat men to help on the day and monitor anglers whilst fishing. IF you can offer your help for one or two days please speak to a member for the Eyebrook staff or get in touch with the English Disabled Fly fishers.


Photographs on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

We are allowing rudders & float tubers welcome. We will also have float tube available for you to hire at the Eyebrook this season.

Guiding available with England International Lee Henfrey, Fishery Ranger Toff Crowther & assistant Eyebrook manager Jobe Burnham. Jobe also specialises in Pike Fly Fishing tuition

Lodge will be open from 7.30am for bank anglers to book in with boats available from 8.30am

We will be operating the same pricing structure that we use at our other water with the permit loyalty card & boat loyalty card valid at all our waters.

Please be aware with our upper fish limit been reduced from 8 fish to a 6 fish limit in future all 8 Fish stamps will be eligible for a free 6 fish permit once you reach the required number of stamps


‘Alec Lane ‘ gate now has a combination lock on. Please remember to check the code with the wardens as it will change regularly

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30am until 22.00pm

Boat All Day: 08:30am until 22.00 pm

Morning Boats: 08:30am until 15.00 pm Afternoon Boats: 15.00pm until 22.00 pm

Last 4 Hours from: 18.00pm until 22.00pm (Tickets on sale from 17.45pm)

All anglers booked out at the lodge & off site by: 22.00pm

Visit our new Eyebrook fishery website www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk